Tips and suggestions for a big make-a-wish family with language barrier?

2022.01.18 02:25 Meg-alomaniac3 Tips and suggestions for a big make-a-wish family with language barrier?

I'm chaperoning a family of non-fluent English speakers on their Make-a-wish trip to Disney world. The parents are illiterate, speak limited English, and have very little travel experience. They have five daughters and niece that will be coming (daughters are 3-13 years old, the niece and I are 19).
The youngest daughter has a terminal condition, and has no ability to move on her own, speak, or really even emote. Obviously we'd like to focus on things she'd enjoy, but... it's incredibly difficult to know what she would enjoy, and how much she could really handle (in her wheelchair, with high potential for sensory overload).
We get three park hopper passes for Disney, so I need to figure out which parks to prioritize. I'm thinking if we're going to cut one it's going to be either Hollywood studios or Epcot, although the younger girls love Frozen so that may be a deciding factor.
So I guess my question is, which parks are going to be best equipped for the youngest to have a good time?
We'll alternate between Disney and break/other park days (i.e., youngest and mom will stay at the resort to rest up while the rest of us go to Universal), but even with break days I'm not sure how fit she'll be to do more than a few hours on a couple days. The other girls and I may be able to stay longer at the parks or even park hop to hit whichever park we'd otherwise miss, but transportation is another issue so I'm not going to count on that. (Parents don't drive, I'm too young to drive a rental, so theoretically the resort - "Give Kids the World" - will figure something out.)
Anyone with any information pertaining to this situation would be super helpful. (If it matters we're doing end of February.)
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2022.01.18 02:25 sezdawg7 Me with skyridge zard too.

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2022.01.18 02:25 theconcretewizard ugh sent erc20 ftm to fwallet...don't do it.

This is the biggest nightmare ever especially if you only wrote down your mnemonic phrase and not your private key for your fwallet. Anyone have any suggestions I've tried everything. I can see them on eitherscan I know it's there. All the instructions to import an account in an ether wallet is in a desktop format and seems way easier than just doing it on mobile platforms. Am I screwed until I can access a secure computer or is there a trick to making this work on mobile. I just want to get them into my mew or metamask safe and sound and not in this stupid limbo their in now.
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2022.01.18 02:25 woahitslame sobp return?

asking for an estimated answer to this so i know when to start saving, as i'm pulling for venti next time he reruns.
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2022.01.18 02:24 throwthisawayafter98 Quitting a job after 13 years when your employer is almost family

I’m in a major depression and my life is for the first time perfect in every way, save for my career of 13 years.
I absolutely hate my job, I hate falling asleep at night knowing when I wake up I need to devote 8 hours to something I now despise.
I’m drinking every night, stopped working out, and I’m overeating. This is NOT me.
This all sounds dramatic I know, people have much bigger problems than their jobs in life and this should be an easy fix by JUST quitting.
That’s what brings me here, I’m battling with what is right, while coming to a conclusion that I’ve dedicated my energy to a job and an employer that I looked up to, and loved like family and at the end of the day they honestly just don’t care about me. It’s sucks.
It comes down to being given responsibilities of a business partner but not giving me the support, respect, title and salary of a business partner.
I can see all our financials so when he lies about them, it’s an even bigger insult.
I’m without a doubt, done..
Despite all of this, we had a business relationship, bond and a friendship for 13 years.
We re good friends.
I think I want to give him the heads up that I am actively looking for an exit and explain why.
I am also scared by just saying I got an offer he will take my abrupt notice personally and panic because he doesn’t know the ins and outs of several major accounts (2MIL in annual business)
This isn’t about wanting more money, this is about me hitting a ceiling and knowing I’ve learned all I could in this company and needing to move on. I feel like nothing he can say or do will keep me there once something better comes along.
I’ve been scoping the market, talking to recruiters, fixed my resume, and have been getting more serious about my search. I pushed a lot off due to fear and not wanting to waste anyones time if I wasn’t ready.
I’m ready now.
Do I give him this heads up and start training my staff on these key accounts or so I just give notice when the right offer is made?
TL;DR what is the correct way me to leave a job of 13 years?
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2022.01.18 02:24 JohnWinston0noLennon I drew John and his discography

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2022.01.18 02:24 BlackEntity2 Ink swapswapswap Papyrus perfected sprite, yes he's taller, 15 ft 7 now

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2022.01.18 02:24 kindlycarefree 20180314 154632

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2022.01.18 02:24 SilkySmooth1492 Guess his Ethnicity

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2022.01.18 02:24 OkNeedleworker6731 How do I change my name? How do I choose a surname?

Hi so I'm [20] a transguy and I have my own family problems, so I was hoping to learn how to change my name in the legal sense. As for my surname, I don't really know what to do. My parents aren't the best, to put it mildly, and I don't really want to be connected with them when I eventually move out. But I don't really know what I should go with. I could go with my biological father's last name, which I had before, but I haven't seen him since I was 5. I could go with another culturally-significant name, but it's also associated with my bio-dad's side of the family. I could go with my mother's maiden name, but I know that if any of her aunts found out, she'd hear about it within 10 minutes and she'd do something to try and guilt me or try to say that I owe her for the name or something. I'm kind of at a loss here.
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2022.01.18 02:24 BacardiBatman11 Got this today. Nope thats not my ult on him. 4 passive vital bug

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2022.01.18 02:24 AdaGonzales Walmart was playing manhunt on the TV’s

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2022.01.18 02:24 slimezillaaa Pain

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2022.01.18 02:24 jenn_you_wine Is the name Homer ruined forever?

I love The Odyssey and The Iliad and would love to name my future child Homer in honour of these great works, and if I can separate the name from Homer Simpson (not sure I can), I think it sounds really cool too. What do you think? Is naming a child Homer an absolute no-no? Has the name been ruined forever?
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2022.01.18 02:24 Vast_Hydrant Hi all! So I’m not a good pc guy but is this a good PC? I play Fallout 4, 76, Cities: Skylines, 7 Days to Die, The Forest, and other games like that? I have an old desktop that from 2014 and it’s just too old and I just need an upgrade.

Hi all! So I’m not a good pc guy but is this a good PC? I play Fallout 4, 76, Cities: Skylines, 7 Days to Die, The Forest, and other games like that? I have an old desktop that from 2014 and it’s just too old and I just need an upgrade. submitted by Vast_Hydrant to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 02:24 TheChillVibeDude mom when you ask her to buy skittles

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2022.01.18 02:24 pronimous Anyone experiencing difficulty falling asleep after quitting weed?

So before i started using weed i had insomnia and all that, but it wasnt that bad, like if i was really tire i would just fall asleep. But then i started using weed, and i liked getting high every night, “i did this for half a year” falling asleep was so easy because my mind would just wonder off. I pulled off a t break that lasted like 10 days, falling asleep was hard at first but it started to go away. Then months later i pulled it again but i decided to go for the full month, i been having trouble falling asleep since day 1, its been 30 days already and i still cant fall asleep, it takes me hours, the thing is that i do feel sleepy, i do feel tire but its just like if i forgot how to sleep. During the t break when i was having crazy dreams, i still had trouble falling asleep. Like i dont know how to wonder off into sleep, and it’s annoying cuz after a day of sleepiness, no naps during the day btw, i still have trouble falling asleep. Btw i also incorporated exercise during my whole t break, i also started having a healthy diet, i removed my phone usage during the nigh but idk, its been a while since i felt this sober and its so hard to sleep.
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2022.01.18 02:24 TweeAtol2 W: Raw Barricade Plan, Scorchbeast Queen Plushie, TV Aquarium, Yao Guai Tube, Junkyard Fountain H: Other Plans/Bulk Magazines

Plans Bed of Nails
Bouquet of Star Balloons
Circus Cage Trailer
Decoy Ducks
Insurgent Hat
Insurgent Outfit
Marine Armor Helmet
Meat Week Flag
Neon Light Diner Clock
Peppered Tenderizer Mod
Poodle Sleeping Bag
Plastic Fruit Bowl
Radstag Hunting Knife
Safari Gorilla Backpack
Salty Tenderizer Mod
Treasure Hunter Outfit Hat
Wanamingo Plushie
Wendigo Tube
Recipe: Formula P
Ultacite Hydraulic Bracers
Ultracite Medic Pump
Baseball Bat Heated Coil
Baseball Bat Rocket
Baseball Bat Searing Puncturing Rocket
Shishkebab Extra Flame Jets
Burning Sheepsquatch Club
Heavy Sheepsquatch Staff
Magazines L&L 4 (+10% AP Regen) ×170
Scouts Life 6 (Gain 30% Less Hunger and Thirst) ×135
Tesla Science 8 (+15% Crit Damage) ×375
Unstoppables 1 (+5% Chance to Avoid Damage) ×200
Really trying to finish up the treasure hunter rewards, I'd greatly appreciate the communities help (I also have some weapon trades)
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2022.01.18 02:24 A_solo_tripper Lisk mentioned on Medium:

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2022.01.18 02:24 runthereszombies The movie "Belle" wasn't very good

This was a really highly anticipated anime film this year and my friend and I had it on our calendars for months to go and see it. If you're not really into anime films you probably don't have much of an opinion, but the film has a 95% on rotten tomatoes and I don't get why...
First, the good. The score is honestly fantastic, one of the best I've heard in a very long time. I would see the film again just for the musical numbers. The animation is beautifully done so I'll definitely give it that.
Now the bad: the plot was a HOT MESS. The beginning feels super rushed for no reason... it shows Suzu becoming Belle very suddenly and there's no excitement or tension. She shows up in U one day, sings for a second and BAM FAMOUS. Also wtf is this video game? Do people actually play anything? What's the purpose/what do people do? Why is the beast being harassed by mods? I genuinely don't understand what he's doing wrong. The plot makes almost no sense. Everything is way over the top dramatic and none of the characters are developed even remotely throughout the film. There's a plot twist at the end that was super interesting but the film is over 2 hours and the twist feels wasted on the rest of the mediocre plot.
Damn shame but come on... someone wrote this and was like "yes, this is it" and 95% of people liked it? Very confusing.
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2022.01.18 02:24 CezarDaAssassin Super quick edit based on some NWH concept I saw recently. I haven’t seen someone really do it yet, but I think it improves the whole suit. [OC]

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2022.01.18 02:24 Sea-Medium-3722 Realme GT 2 and Realme GT 2 Pro launched in China; GT2 Pro spotted on BIS

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2022.01.18 02:24 jookco Mort - Nécrologie - Cause Décès : Urgent/#Mali : l'ancien président Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (#IBK) est décédé Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 02:24 stussyhead stussy box logo, 1998

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2022.01.18 02:24 kahiau26 Migraine and memory?

Do any fellow cursed brains out there find that migraine seems to impact their memory? For me, it seems to be acute during a migraine— I don’t form/hold short term memories well at all, and then more generalized over time. My husband starts sentences with “You remember…” all the time, and 98% of the time I do not. I get 2-4 a week, for reference, if it matters!
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