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2022.01.18 00:54 _TETRAHYDE_ No comment.

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2022.01.18 00:54 Baynesyb22 Mid Best

Is anyone finding it difficult to score with best? I swear 90% of his shots are saved or just miss. I would think he'd be scoring goals from anywhere with ease given his stats!
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2022.01.18 00:54 YouSeeMeHereAndThere I've always wanted to try this

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2022.01.18 00:54 eveishere Putting the PAT in Patrick

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2022.01.18 00:54 designinggeeks Bitcoin Mining Landing page design idea

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2022.01.18 00:54 iThrewTheGlass Mother Where Is My Father - David Peel and the Lower East Side

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2022.01.18 00:54 Clicky01 There is a small Bug with Keqings New Skin

Hello KeqingMains reddit, I felt like this is the best place to put this even if were not the biggest group of people, but because were the most likely group of people to purchase her skin.
Keqing's new skin is beautiful and absolutely amazing, however there is 2 small issues I and a few others have come across with it that I would like to spread around so hopefully we can get MiHoYos attention better and get a fix quicker.
Now for the issues, starting off with a quick spoiler warning. To those who do not want to experience the issue but also help out by reporting. Simply open a Feedback ticket in the InGame Paimon Menu (Pressing ESC or The Paimon top Left on Console/Phone) and then Submit Feedback and then Contact CS. From there just write that Keqing's new skin has a weird texture bug with her Eyes, and submit.
However to those that want to give more detail about it in their report, here is a video/images showing off the bugs.
I apologize to anyone who didn't know about these prior to this post and now cannot unsee them. However my goal here is to get the issue more widespread and fixed ASAP, not to ruin the experience of the new skin. We all love Keqing that's why were here, so hopefully we can work together to get this fixed so that way Keqing can look even more perfect. If there are any questions I'll be around for a few hours to help out. Thank you everyone who reads this for your time.
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2022.01.18 00:54 poverty_d 大阪府 新型コロナ 約6000人感染 過去最多大幅に上回る見通し

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2022.01.18 00:54 Prudent_Culture2548 I bought a medal in a thrift store and I need help to identify what it is and means can someone help

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2022.01.18 00:54 jakethesnakeisback16 Metro 2033 -Xenia[XBOX 360 Emulator] - Core i7 4790 | RX-570 4GB

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2022.01.18 00:54 Hairofthedowndog Senior dog peeing during dinner time.

My 14 year old Sheltie mix started peeing indoors a lot. We figured it was just aging bladder and something we’d have to adjust to. We have him using pee pads while we’re at work. And that works, but lately he’s been peeing on the living room rug while we eat dinner.
We eat at relatively the same time every night and right before we sit down we take him on a walk. (We are in an apartment.) while we are eating he drinks lots and lots of water then after my eldest excuses himself, the dog will pee.
What can I do? Is this just my life now that I have an old dog?
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2022.01.18 00:54 ZoolShop Moon Knight trailer: Oscar Isaac enters a darker Marvel universe

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2022.01.18 00:54 Old-Establishment768 Death Stranding Episode #3 - Amelie

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2022.01.18 00:54 Playful-Praline Can anyone link 2022 specific updates?

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2022.01.18 00:54 HankPymp Margaret can take anything.

I worked for a retailer that provided assigned lockers to it's employees. I usually kept my jacket, thermos, some snacks, and a box of plastic utensils in there. One day I walked into the break room for lunch and I see Margaret in my locker.
"Why are you in my locker?" "I need a fork!" she said with a lot of attitude. "This is MY locker." "AND I NEED A FORK! " " You can't just go into my locker and take my things. I paid for those! " " Well I need a fork. "
She turned and walked away with my fork. I went to the manager, but she really didn't care. I maintained that she can't just go and take things without even asking, so she promised to talk to Margaret.
A week later I brought lunch for friends. We'd been talking about good BBQ spots in town so I spent about $100 out of my own pocket to feed the team I worked with in the back room.
Well guess who walked in and made herself a plate without even asking.
"What are you doing?" "What's it look like? I'm making a plate." "This isn't your food. I brought this in to feed my friends." "I see food so I'm making a plate." "I paid for this. It's not for you. No one said there was free food in the break room." "Any food in here means it's for everyone."
I complained to the manager, but again she didn't care. I stopped bringing things in after that since apparently Margaret can take anything she's wants.
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2022.01.18 00:54 Loonicorn420 What is sexual attraction?

Hi everyone!
So I was having a conversation with a poly friend of mine a few weeks ago. He was expressing his frustration at not having enough sex. He has a very high drive, and his life circumstances prevent him from being satisfied to the extent he desires. Anyway, we're chatting away, and I said something to the effect of having the exact opposite problem. So we dig into some details, and he said it sounds like you're asexual.
So it's been playing in my mind. I am old, especially compared to the average reddit user! I didn't realize that asexual was an actual thing. I remember back in the 80s and 90s jokingly calling myself asexual. I'd say, "I'm asexual. Like a worm." For whatever reason it tickled me to compare myself to a worm.
Anyway, when the whole sexual identity thing came about, I didn't have a clue. I'm very introverted. I don't watch the news. I'm usually several years behind whatever is going on in pop culture. It usually takes some kind of personal interaction with someone before I know what is going on in the world. Which is exactly how I found out about trans gender identity. Some guy online got all pissed at me cuz I didn't know what it was and was asking a lot of detailed questions to a trans girl, trying to understand. I am a very analytical person and when learning about something new I tend to ask a lot of direct, analytical questions. When I grew up the terms pertaining to the word "trans" were transvestite and transexual (someone who's had surgery). So I was confused and genuinely wanted to understand what they meant. Fortunately, the trans girl understood that, unlike judgey guy who bashed me for not understanding. She answered all of my questions candidly and I left the conversation with a better understanding and a new friend!
My point in telling you all of that is just to demonstrate how completely clueless I am in this brave new world we live in. So I didn't know asexual was an identity. I just thought I was weird and had become so jaded by bad relationships that it killed my sex drive. It's been 5 years now since I've had any kind of sexual relationship with, and I have not one iota of interest in ever having that again. Though I do get lonely and long for companionship outside of my friendships sometimes. And I am definitely not arom...bring on the sweetness, caring, kissing and cuddling please! Kinda lol
So I've been thinking about this asexual thing and decided to do some research. Lo and behold there is a fucking reddit on being asexual. Who knew?! I have been married and in plenty of sexual relationships over the years. I've had great sex and went thru a phase in my 30s where I was extremely horny. I should have bought stock in duracell based on the amount of batteries I went thru. So I can't be asexual, right? Wrong!!
As I look back on my marriage and the sexual relationships I've had, I realize none of it means I am not asexual. It was never about the sex for me. I did it because it was expected of me. It was normal. The sexual desire would ALWAYS fall off after a fairly short time for me. I thought that meant I was falling out of love. But that can't be true because I am still 100% in love with my ex-husband. I still don't want to have sex with him tho. I won't bore you with all the details (too late) of why I believe I am absolutely asexual and always have been. I'm there. It all fits with my experiences and my lack of success with relationships. I wondered if I was a trans guy for a while, but I think non-binary hits closer to the mark for me. Then again, I am woman, hear me roar!!
But there is still one nagging question for me: Wtf is sexual attraction? I've been horny before. I've been very horny in fact. Generally it comes with an emotional connection so I may lean into demi on the spectrum a bit. From what I understand, just because I've felt sexual desire doesn't mean I've felt sexual attraction. I can describe guys (and girls) I see as hot. But beautiful and sensual are terms that appeal to me more. I can describe someone as being sexy. Is finding someone hot and sexy the same thing as sexual attraction? Or is sexual attraction just looking at someone and wanting to fuck them? People talk a lot about fantasizing, but fantasizing doesn't seem to mean being sexually attracted to someone. So I am confused. How do you distinguish between general attraction and sexual attraction? Or between thinking someone is sexy and sexual attraction? Please give me your thoughts and the more detailed, the better.
Thanks for listening and providing a safe space. Being able to identify myself as asexual gives me hope that I don't have to be alone for the rest of my life. It also opens up the possibility of being with a woman. I have never been able to go there before because I do not want to have sex with a woman. But I could fall in love with one.
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2022.01.18 00:54 kyloachilles Meghan Trainor

I havre a confession...
Meghan Trainor is already dead by now. I know I sound crazy, but I heard a conversation from the son of a janitor of Meghan's boyfriend (while cleaning toilets with poop) that Meghan is already dead and was replaced by a clone in a form of an empowered black woman — which is Ariana Grande.
The janitor's son also said that it was Meghan's last request was to become a black woman after listening to Boyz by Jesy Mandela (which is also the reason of her death in the first place). Unfortunately, her life was saved because of the help of many scientists and veterinarians: they gathered the remaining DNA of Meghan and turned her into a black woman that we now know as Ariana Grande.
The media has been covering up this story for too long. I was pressured to be silent, but now I'm not scared to speak the truth! The Ariana Grande yall are seeing and listening to is actually Meghan Trainor! Positions, thank u next, etc, was actually made by Meghan Trainor. There was really no Ariana Grande in this dimension — only Meghan Trainor!
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2022.01.18 00:54 Basshaver My opponent resigned after this fork, but there taking Queen isn’t the best move… what level player would have realistically seen the mate in 8?

My opponent resigned after this fork, but there taking Queen isn’t the best move… what level player would have realistically seen the mate in 8? submitted by Basshaver to chess [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 00:54 iccaecumsa ⭐ PrinceFloki | Just Launched | 7% $Floki rewards to holders | locked liquidity pool | 24/7 marketing | x1000Gem 🚀

PrinceFloki Rewards Contract

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2022.01.18 00:54 stinkerwren 👑 Shiba Fuji💎 | 10% $SHIB rewards 💰 | Stealth launched at 10k market cap and already on it's way to MOON | Experienced Team 🔥 | Anti Whale 🐳 | $ShibaFuji

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The token will have tons of upcoming marketing and giveaways so your investment will increase! The yield generating mechanism will help provide enough liquidity to buy bigger amounts in the future and also increases the token value and helps us build the project further.

Tokenomics: 10,000,000,000 Total supply

5% max wallet to ensure no whales
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2022.01.18 00:54 AndTails A wholesome lil' animation by CPJ2002!

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2022.01.18 00:54 Bonus1Fact California Weighs Doubling Taxes to Pay For Single-Payer Health Care System That Would Cover All Illegal Aliens ¦ Gab Trending

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2022.01.18 00:54 Leftlightreftright Sanki ölümüm yakında gibi.

Dinim, kitabım yoktur ama şu iki haftadan beri geçmiş anılarım beynimde canlanıyor hep. O anıların duyguları özellikle, hepsi küçüklüğümden kalma. Bir yerde ölürken değer verdiğiniz şeyleri görürsünüz diye okumuştum. Ben de düşünüyorum da, acaba ruhum veya varlığım sonumun yakın olduğunu biliyor da beni hazırlıyor mu? Acaba ölümden sonra ne var?
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2022.01.18 00:54 Carrotsene What would you do if someone’s dog on the street came up to you and smelled your crotch and then vomited? Would remedy that by letting the owner smell your crotch to prove it doesn’t smell bad?

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2022.01.18 00:54 trav16harby 26m m4f [chat] hey just looking for a girl to chat with for the night! send me a message!

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