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Steffen Seibert: Twitter-Konto des Regierungssprechers wird archiviert (1) [+] Corona: Impfquoten und Erstimpfungen in den Bundesländern (0) CDU-Politikerin Scharrenbach über Ampel-Pläne: »Bloßes Wort an der Tü... Steffen Seibert: Twitter-Konto des Regierungssprechers wird archiviert (1) [+] Corona: Impfquoten und Erstimpfungen in den Bundesländern (0) CDU-Politikerin Scharrenbach über Ampel-Pläne: »Bloßes Wort an der Tü...

2021.12.06 12:28 A-Mirrors-Color Regierungswechsel: Twitterkonto von Steffen Seibert wird archiviert

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2021.12.06 12:28 JustYeeHaa I just won Aloy's Blaze Mayhem and it didn't count in the Challange tracker!

Guys, I just won in the Aloy's Challange gametype and in the challange tracker it still shows 0/3 won games...
Right after I won it and went through the celebration screen and summary I got the pop up saying that "Update is required, restart your game"...
I'm not even sure if the crowns or kuddos got updated...
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2021.12.06 12:28 68peasinapod I need the wipers123 add…. Please

Original podcast ad, I need to hear it again before I die
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2021.12.06 12:28 Mike_P_89 Just Left AUD Exam Retake

I just left my audit retake and feel like I nailed it. I was confident on most MCQs and every single simulation. Last time I got a 74 so I’m very paranoid I failed again. How bad of a sign is it that I feel good? I’ve been told if you feel confident you probably failed 😅
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2021.12.06 12:28 noobIam2021 How many rows deep on cords? Want to steal dry well. Im 3 atm was 25 feet long dropping to 20. Oak and Locust manly

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2021.12.06 12:28 dak0tah the michigan school shooter's parents telling him not shoot up his school

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2021.12.06 12:28 TimoBRL On a post about a ball that crossed the sea, asking for more information about a sharpie marker

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2021.12.06 12:28 Brave-Cockroach3042 Playing FNV again, avoiding the bulk of the main quest

haven’t met with House and avoiding ending, trying to do as many of the other quests as possible and do as much good as I can, Benny and Caesar are dead. Any tips on what else to do or the best way to end, and is there a way to continue playing or is it just going to be battle and then roll credits
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2021.12.06 12:28 xHoLy_mUT4nTz 0 Friends online in game but can see them in the epic launcher?

Anyone else knows about this issue and knows a fix?
Edit: had to re-post as previous one was removed for being too short.
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2021.12.06 12:28 Proverbzz [US-PA] [H] PayPal [W] List

Hey guys looking to buy a few cards
x3 Secret Ash Blossom (euro print/foreign preferred)
x1 Baronne
x1 Chixiao
x3 Secret Called By
x1 Secret Crimson Blader
x2 Baxia (secret)
x3 Anti Spell Frag
And I’d love to see binders always.
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2021.12.06 12:28 ol_jolter Mom/kid Reviews for Let’s Go Pikachu, Pokémon Snap, Zelda BOTW, and Katamari Damacy

Source: Long time gamer, stepmother to three girls (8, 7, 5) . This sub isn’t very active so I figured I’d generate a little content in case anyone is interested. I have three stepdaughters who I love very much and get along with. They are with my husband and I every other weekend, spring/wintefall break and two weeks over the summer (though we are trying to get full summers). We have recently (in the past year) started playing video games with them and so I just wanted to share some successes. Although we have PC gaming computers I primarily play Switch games with my stepdaughters. I’ve rated some games below so that if you’ve recently purchased a Switch for Christmas and you have no idea what to buy for your kids or yourself you have a starting point… . Let’s Go Pikachu! . Let’s Go Pikachu was a great game to play with the kids. They were absolutely glued to the television the entire time. We cheered as a group every time we had to battle and fell into a very fun groove of chanting the move about to be performed. This game also has immense nostalgic value if you played Pokemon Red/Blue on your Gameboy during family road trips like I did. The game is easy enough that kids in the 3-7 range should be able to follow what you’re doing. The fact it included Pokemon was a huge draw. If you’re looking to play a game during waking hours and also want to hypnotize your children I recommend. The fights are easy so it is also an easy game to transition to your kids. Catching Pokemon no longer requires you fight them…you can just hurl balls at them. . Fear level: 2/10; There is a ghost town with some creepy music, lots of ghosts, and some creepy imagery. Would not qualify as scary to anyone except a sensitive four year old (my youngest, for example). She bolted from the room and then shouted directions from the top of the staircase.
Entertainment for watching children level: 10/10. Very high. Kids were very invested in everything from catching Pokemon, to buying new supplies, to battling other trainers. They had big plans for being the best trainer. They also enjoyed Pokemon stats after we caught them. (“Wow, this Psyduck weighs 42 pounds!!!”). They loved having a rival, naming their character, dressing Pikachu up, etc. My oldest stepdaughter now plays the game by herself pretty much anytime we give her screentime.
Likelihood your child will become extremely prescriptive in what they want you to do: 3/10. In most other games my kids are incredibly opinionated about what we should be doing at any given time. Usually they’re very wrong which makes playing the game for storyline purposes hard as hell. But in Let’s Go Pikachu they were pretty comfortable with just following along with the game plot. Roads in between cities seemed to last the perfect amount of time to keep them engaged but not frustrated.
Ability to respond to household emergencies: 8/10. This game pauses easily. You can also give the controller to your child with minimal worries they can mess anything up. The only thing they may do is go into your backpack and use a bunch of items. Just safeguard your Pokeballs or you’ll end up buying 75 replacements. I know from experience.
Ability of a child aged 4+ to temporarily take the reins: 8/10. See above. The controls are very simple. Nothing that involves reactive manipulation. You move with the joysticks and interact with the world using “A.” Your kid can handle the responsibility while you pee.
Recommendation to other moms: 7/10. The game is fun but repetitive. The nostalgia kept me happy and engaged for the whole game. I think it is worth the price. Recommendation as a game for the kids: 10/10. Great game for kids to learn video game basics if you are looking to raise some gamers. Easy, straightforward, familiar. My kids play this without me all the time now that they understand how it works. . . Katamari Damacy . Do you remember Katamari? It was a Playstation game I played in middle school/high school. It is pure nonsense. You are a tiny little prince with a sticky ball and you roll it around houses/towns and stuff sticks to it. Your goal is to get the ball as big as possible. I did not anticipate this but my kids LOVED Katamari. They were almost hysterical with excitement the first time I played it. The game is low threat so it is really easy to get up in the middle of it and respond to a child emergency. You can also hand the controller to one of your kids if you need to, say, take dinner out of the over, let the dog outside, whatever. There aren’t any bad guys in it so nothing to get scared of. . Fear level: 2/10; Once again, things I never thought I’d be marking scary until I had kids to hang out with. If you fail a level the King of the Cosmos will appear as a black silhouette. There is rain and thunder and he “yells” at you. Calls you a disappointment. And when the lightning is crackling you can see his hands and they’re really big and claw-like. Both my 5 year old and 7 year old were a little freaked out by it. I tried to laugh and say “oh how silly the King is!” They didn’t buy it. They both seemed concerned.
Entertainment for watching children level: 10/10. I really do not know why they loved this game so much. I thought they’d get a kick out of it but they loved it. Jumping up and down shrieking with delight loved it.
Likelihood your child will become extremely prescriptive in what they want you to do: 6/10. They love telling you what to roll over next. This is a game where it is fine if they’re prescriptive though. Didn’t drive me nuts like some other games.
Ability to respond to household emergencies: 5/10. Each level lasts between 5-12 minutes. I find it is best to complete the level but you can pause if you have to. There are no bad guys or enemies in the game so the stakes are low.
Ability of a child aged 4+ to temporarily take the reins: 4/10. The controls for this game are really hard. You have to have both joysticks pointed in the same direction. Admittedly the kids seemed to pick it up faster than me but their limiting factor is escaping corners (which my kids can’t do). They roll about happily for a while and then get stuck in a corner. But they seemed delighted even while stuck so I gave it a 4/10 instead of 2/10.
Recommendation to other moms: 5/10. This game won’t revolutionize your video game experience but it is fun, simple, and relaxing. I enjoy a mindless game. Plus it is cheap. .
Recommendation as a game for the kids: 6/10: This won’t entertain your kid forever but they’ll probably enjoy watching you play it. They will struggle with the controls themselves (and fail and have to see the VERY TERRIFYING KING) but I like to say that’s good for developing hand/eye coordination. . Pokemon Snap . After our success with Let’s Go Pikachu I thought I’d try Pokemon Snap. I used to LOVE Pokemon Snap as a kid (against all reason) and wondered if I could recreate that with my stepkids. Answer, surprisingly, was yes. They loved it. I am as mystified as my mother probably was at their interest in riding around in a cart taking pretend pictures of pretend monsters. The pictures they take are terrible because they don’t have the dexterity needed to be good at the game but they don’t care so it doesn’t matter. It main problem is that it is way too expensive and doesn’t occupy the kids for nearly as long as other games. . Fear level: 0/10, I haven’t seen anything frightening here yet
Entertainment for watching children level: 8/10. A surprising amount of engagement. Everyone loved watching raptly and yelling out when they saw Pokemon appear. There’s a fair amount of memorization skill that comes into play (look left at X time to get Butterfree, look right at Y time to get Slowbro) which was fun for everyone. The kids enjoyed playing a level over and over again which is good because you really have to play repetitively to get good pictures. .
Likelihood your child will become extremely prescriptive in what they want you to do: 4/10. Hard for them to be overly prescriptive in a game that is, itself, overly prescriptive. My youngest is a tiny boss so she would get very granular on how she wanted a level to go, then she’d get exasperated, then she’d try and do terribly, then she’d cut me some slack, lol.
Ability to respond to household emergencies: 10/10. No penalization for doing a level terribly. If your game gets un-paused while you respond to an emergency in another room all is not lost. They’ll score the pictures you took carefully and the ones you didn’t take (as the track ran out) aren’t scored against you.
Ability of a child aged 4+ to temporarily take the reins: 5/10. Your kids can take the reins but will most likely struggle to take pictures. The camera lens is sensitive and slides all over the screen. Don’t get me wrong- my kids loved trying and didn’t really get frustrated like I thought they might- but they weren’t taking high-scoring pictures. Doesn’t really matter though unless you’re very intense about your Pokemon Snap.
Recommendation to other moms:.6/10. I find this game cathartic. Like Katamari it is mindless but cute. It is overpriced, IMO. I would not buy it again unless it was on sale for closer to $40.
Recommendation as a game for the kids: 6/10. I was surprised at how often my kids ask to play this on their own. It is no “Let’s Go, Pikachu!” and it is overpriced…but I like it. . . Zelda, Breath of the Wild . I wanted to try playing a more grown up video game around the kids and see how they liked it. The youngest was terrified of Legendary Beasts and of the entire volcano situation. She recused herself from playing during those moments. She also was afraid of the blood moon where all the monsters repopulate. The older two really enjoyed the game but had a short tolerance for solving puzzles. Kids are more likely to enjoy completing shorter missions, wrangling horses, hang gliding, collecting food…stuff like that. I’d say it is a good game for you to play at night and get all the storyline out of the way. That way if you want to play during the day with your children watching you can do general upkeep stuff (which they’ll be more interested in) . Fear level: 5/10. Nothing I would consider scary. My 7 and 8 year old were also fine. The 5 year old (4 at the time) was afraid of “environmental fear.” She’s very susceptible to mood. She was afraid of the blood moon, legendary beasts and the entire volcano/mountain environment. Some of the bosses/larger monster will roar which she was also afraid of.
Entertainment for watching children level: 6/10. This would captivate them for around an hour and then they’d be ready for other things. Games like Stardew Valley and Minecraft captured their attention for longer though I suppose the jury’s out on how much screen time is appropriate…maybe you don’t want to play for longer than a hour.
Likelihood your child will become extremely prescriptive in what they want you to do: 8/10. The open world really made my kids bossy. The fact there is so much to do with less of a strict linear story meant they were generally not interested with solving a complex puzzle inside a legendary beast. They wanted to swing swords, mine rocks, cut down trees and cook. If I tried doing anything else they’d loudly complain.
Ability to respond to household emergencies: 6/10. It is a hard game to pause because you’re usually doing some multi-step mission and it is confusing (for me at least) to come in and out, in and out. I hate leaving halfway through that stuff. There’s more at stake since the game is longer and you’ll probably be more invested. Not like the kids are going to ruin the game. You can absolutely pause. I just don’t play it if I know I’m going to be in and out of the room a lot.
Ability of a child aged 4+ to temporarily take the reins: 3/10. Your child will most likely die to any bad guy they come up against if they 7-8 or younger. The game doesn’t penalize you heavily for dying so I guess it isn’t that big of a deal. But the game overall is a little more complicated than a younger kid can handle. My kids enjoyed picking fruit and riding horses but wouldn’t really be able to play the game solo.
Recommendation to other moms: 8/10. I love Zelda and have played my whole life. I enjoyed playing on the switch and I enjoyed my stepkids watching. The oldest was the most interested and she played with me more than anyone else did but even she got bored during puzzle solving time. I like that you can play after they’re asleep and do story driven things but still play during the day. I like that their exposure to it made beating Ganon kind of a group activity. They were moderately invested in the success of Hyrule which I enjoyed. Recommendation as a game for the kids: 2/10. At their age they’re just not ready. You may have a different experience with your child but mine aren’t going to be playing BOTW by themselves anytime soon. .
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2021.12.06 12:28 King_Vercingetorix Manchin to vote with GOP to repeal Biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses

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2021.12.06 12:28 Pyromaindarwin Literally cant sign in

Epic forces me to create a new account and wont take me to the log in page. I have reset my cookies,cache,history etc and it still takes me to the stupid sign up page
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2021.12.06 12:28 LivingGovernment9464 Can you really trust buying something online or go to retail in person just to get it?

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2021.12.06 12:28 tinideeni very proud of zachy

he has done so much is his life all before age 30 already. my son on the other hand has just dead end waiter jobs and his girlfriend pays for everything because he's so broke. i still love him but what im saying is there is a difference between a boy and a man, i just hope my son will become a man someday and actually have a career where he can make a decent living instead of mooching off me, his mother, and his girlfriend. proud of you, zach, wish i had a son like you. <3
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2021.12.06 12:27 brokegirlbritt Getting someone to invest for you?

I realized I’m not great at managing stocks plus my full time job and trusting in my stock choices, which eats into time at my job… Wondering if having an investment advisor worked out well for any of you?
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2021.12.06 12:27 The-Techie US SEC Subpoenas Lucid Motors Over SPAC Merger

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2021.12.06 12:27 Someguythatisstupid tw boxing is technically a canon build

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2021.12.06 12:27 baskingintheglow Very spiteful towards my current job

I worked for a hospital for 9 months now under temporary assignment with a contracting company and my contract was “extended through the end of the year.” I’m extremely spiteful because the two temporary employees that started a few months to four months before I did in 2020 were hired as full-time permanent employees, and they closed the job listing on their website to apply for jobs when I applied to it as well. I can’t help but feel very left out and it is affecting my work ethic and work productivity because one of my supervisors was telling me “he has no problem with me, he just thinks that I call out sick too often” (which I don’t think he is even allowed to say) and something else which seemed trivial, but I can’t remember because I tuned him out as soon as he said that first part. I just felt like I was left in the dirt and I’m very frustrated. I started applying for new jobs, I just don’t know if they’ll ever meet my requirement of 45,000 USD per year. Is there something else I should be doing? Maybe learn a new trade?
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2021.12.06 12:27 SwoopDaEagle [John McMullen] Buckle up, because nobody does a QB controversy like Eagles fans

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2021.12.06 12:27 mynameis_reek Why on EARTH am I (F22) still bothered by this three years later?

So about 3-4 years ago, I met this guy (M25? - 21 at the time) through work. He was the first guy who has ever flirted with me and shown interest. One day without m ever telling him my name or anything I got a message from him. We started seeing eachother for a bit and hooked up occasionally. I ended up having really strong feelings for him and he admitted that he had them for me too but was juggling up another situationship with another girl at the same time. I was obviously stupid/naive and carried on seeing him despite him stringing me along after telling me about the other girl. After a year of me seeing him and him telling me he’s not ready to commit, I found out he was actually official with that same girl for months yet continued to see me on the side. When I found out we got into a pretty huge fight. It was extremely devastating for me, and embarrassing too. It was definitely mostly infatuation. He told most people at work about it, obviously making out that I was crazy trying to break them up when really he was cheating. He’s still with her all these years later which is irrelevant, but I still see him every week at work.
We’ve gotten better as in obviously after years of it happening we’re cordial, and sometimes to match his flirty personality we’re friendly. However, every time I see this work guy something inside me gets thrown off completely! If I see him and he pays me no attention I feel bad, if I see him and he’s friendly with me it takes me straight back to those days years ago where we used to mess around. I still look at him and think of those days as an 17/18 year old hopelessly infatuated with a guy who never really felt the same. If I’m being completely honest, when I see him now I still feel a bit jittery with a tiny amount of giddiness I used to feel all those years ago seeing him. I feel absolutely pathetic for this. Not only did it happen years ago, we’ve both moved on! I have no feelings for him in the sense where I feel heartbroken still or anything, I don’t even see him as an attractive guy anymore especially after what he did. He’s a pretty charming guy and I feel like I’m still under his spell everytime I see him. I don’t think about him unless I’ve just seen him or I’m going to see him ( I just saw him at our staff Christmas party and had a few wines lol ) I’m also in a two year relationship with a guy who is the sweetest most amazing person I’ve ever met, who gets me on every level. Yet, I still feel like I have repressed feelings over this dude who the very thought of simultaneously repulses me and gets me giddy, STILL. What’s wrong with me and how I deal with these feelings? How do I process this and move on? I feel stupid because I know for a fact he does not have any of these same feelings towards me, he didn’t even have them towards the end of our situationship! I just feel confused and stupid. Any advice appreciated.
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2021.12.06 12:27 Nero470 Mega Steelix Raid! Only serious trainers send request 😖

7058 8880 9564
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2021.12.06 12:27 Jericho_Caine Zekrom - 383499365690, 433921792713

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2021.12.06 12:27 biffle_this_butt cut and polished polymict ureilite suspect. a slice is being tested by a fellow from NYS museum. found in madrid, new york.

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2021.12.06 12:27 Garuda-Star Egypt is at it again

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