Here's why Anthony Cumia is the funniest person of all time.

2021.12.08 13:24 fereshte_noori Here's why Anthony Cumia is the funniest person of all time.

Because He's funnier than Louie CK.
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2021.12.08 13:24 Potato_Einstein 18M looking to meet some cool people and potentially become friends

Heyaa, how are you? Are you looking for the one person who you'll be able to connect with even if it's not romantic? Well read the post and if our interests match, hmu and we'll see where it goes!
A little bit about myself, I'm Asian, Chinese to be specific but English is still my preferred language since its what I use everyday with my friends. My interests include animes, mangas, tv shows, movies, games(ask me about my favourites!). I play badminton regularly too with my family and I'm fairly decent at it. Appearance wise, I'm 5'8, big rimmed glasses(kind of a nerd LMAO) , I don't exactly have the most athletic body but I do have some muscles here and there.
I don't really care about age or where you're from as long as we click but I do prefer someone around my age since usually they're the ones who share similar interests/views. I consider myself more of an emotional guy, I like complimenting my partner and making sure they're okay and if they show appreciation towards that, I'll honestly fall for you fast.
I personally don't mind exchanging pictures at the start so we can each have a taste on what we're getting into but if you're uncomfortable with that and want to chat to test the waters I completely understand. My humour is kinda sarcastic and I love banter mixed in with flirting, if we click and I feel comfortable, the conversation can go on forever honestly.
Well, if you like what you see, send me chat and we'll see where it goes!(also please include a small intro, just a hi doesn't tell me anything about you)
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2021.12.08 13:24 fadedsmile87 Always remember, if some paper hands sell, there are always newcomers to come and take their place (news take time to spread), and their new floor is the current price ($60+ atm), so us diamond hands can just sit back and enjoy the show.

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2021.12.08 13:24 N-I-K-K-O-R Hell Let loose does voip the way I’ve been wanting battlefield to do it for years

It’s so sad that basic team play is just too much to expect in battlefield 2042.
In 2021 two supposed team play/squad play shooters came out on console with over 100 players.
Hell Let Loose and Battlefield 2042
Hell let loose comes out of the gate and has voip. You have two channels as anything other than a squad leader. Squad chat or you can switch to proximity chat. If you join the game in a pre made party their is a third party chat channel.
If you are a squad leader you can always hear another channel. the officer comms where the squad leaders can coordinate which groups are going where and why.
In battlefield they just decided that we don’t need voip anymore.
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2021.12.08 13:24 MikeTampa69 Transferring USDT ERC20 to Kucoin question.

Can we transfer USDT ERC20 from a wallet to Kucoin selecting USDT TRC20 as the receive address on Kucoin ? In my history I have received USDT on TRC20 on Kucoin and I don't remember if I had to convert it to TRC20 before sending.... Also, can we send USDT from Coinbase to Kucoin using TRC20 version as the receive address
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2021.12.08 13:24 kajsawesome If you could have a talking animal as a companion for life, which one would it be?

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2021.12.08 13:24 crytoloover The Sandbox (SAND): Proyek Metaverse Sensasi ATAU Potensi?? | Indonesia

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2021.12.08 13:24 AdventureBronson Just hear me out - ZNGA

Zynga - I believe there is a ton of opportunity here.
52 week high was $12.34, currently trading in the $6.50 range, the lowest it has been since the pandemic started (oversold?). They recently released a harry potter themed game (Sept) which is rated 4.8 stars on the apple app store with over 134,000 reviews. They also have an upcoming Star Wars themed game set for release in 2022 which will be on Nintendo switch as well as mobile. So a lot of hype around them getting involved in popular franchises and expanding from their traditional iOS, Android roots.
They are also set to release their next earnings on February 9th. 2/18 10c is currently trading at around .12 per contract. Assuming the harry potter game is able to produce decent revenue numbers and with the potential of more COVID related lockdowns/people being at home or inside more, mobile gaming is poised to see a bump during the winter months.
All of this culminating in high upside leading up to their earnings call. Not even shooting for new record highs, just a modest return to what the stock was trading at between January and July of this year.
Current position: ZNGA 2/18 9c and 10c
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2021.12.08 13:24 tigerfart P4S | Plex | US / EU/Singapore | 20Gbps UL/DL | M 33,000+| T 9,000+ | Anime 1,300+ | 4K content | Google drive shares |Local Storage | Occasional Giveaways!

Library :
Movies: 33000+
TV Shows: 9000+
Kids tv shows : 700+
Anime :1300 +
4KMovies: 1400+
4K TV Shows: 400+
Donation Plans
$99.99/Yearly (50% off used to be $200)
$249.99/Lifetime (50% off used to be $500)
Join us
You can send the same amount in GBP/Euro depending on your location
Google Drive Share detials on discord
Server location:
All movies are 1080p and up!
10 Gbps Fiber UL/DL USA/EU
2 Concurrent streams
requests accepted
Fast support in the discord
99% Uptime
Streams are flawless worldwide
Occasional giveaways
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2021.12.08 13:24 Specialist_Link4842 Pressure flowing time...higher flow rate

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2021.12.08 13:24 rhenry1994 How did you fund your small business?

(TLDR below)
Trying to start my small business. Doing the little things first to become "official" while I work my way up to the larger purchases.
The issue I foresee running into before too much longer is money (of course). I need to obtain a number of different operating licenses which are a few thousand a piece, a number of large pieces of machinery, and a suitable location to put it all. Not to mention the bits and pieces, like computers, desks, chairs, printer, etc.
As for location, I am considering using a Build to Suit service, but I am concerned that this will be too expensive in the beginning with having to buy other things. I know a lot of the larger machines will have the option to finance, but my concern is being able to keep up on all of the payments while my business gets itself rolling, ie finding employees, building an inventory, fine tuning production efficiency, and most importantly, selling our product.
I know a lot of the money will come out of my own pocket at first, but I don't know where to look for Small Business Loans, or what offers are actually smart and legit, or even how to even qualify for them. I get a lot of emails from places offering business loans but a lot seem to good to be true.
TLDR : How are some ways that you all obtained necessary funding to start your business?
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2021.12.08 13:24 Hot_Tea_3826 Such a beautiful place 😍

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2021.12.08 13:24 Fordel77 What is the difference between a Crash and a Dip? Is it the number if chips you have in bowl? I don't have punch line. I do own one share of GME, not DSR, Vanguarded.

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2021.12.08 13:24 crytoloover FlokiPup Inu The Next Floki Inu??! Not Just a Meme Coin (P2E Game DEX) #FLOKIPUP

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2021.12.08 13:24 KokoaBestGirlUwU Battle.Net account

Hello! came here to sell my account that has overwatch, Cod MW 2019, and black ops cold war. Just offer your price.
My overwatch's rank on open queue is plat.
Screenshots:>Overwatch>Cold war>Cod MW
My discord: reonaaa#4004 Or just Dm me on reddit
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2021.12.08 13:24 reportbywilson For Europe’s Far Right, Vaccine Skepticism Is a Trap

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2021.12.08 13:24 Lidzo Tested a TLX and now I don't know what to do...

Hi all. I decided to go test driving last week to prepare myself for the end of the chip shortage (I know, like 2023/24) and I've wanted a TLX the last couple of years because I imagined it would be a nice mix of sporty/luxury/utility to fit my lifestyle (2000+ mile road trips with family, spirited coastal and mountain drives, and daily driver for my 10 minute commute).
The TLX was... HUGE! It felt like a boat. Super floaty and numb. Was I comfortable? Yes, but going from a go-cart feeling 98 Civic Coupe to a TLX, there was just too much compromise. I don't know what to look at now. I'm hoping the Integra will be what I'm looking for, but maybe I'm missing an option? Any suggestions?
Short of going to a used Panamera, what should I drive next?
I have about a $40k budget (in Post-chip-shortage dollars).
I'm fine with lightly used.
Something that can fit 2 car seats in back with plenty of room up front for larger people.
Comfortable enough for cross country road trips and day long drives down the coast.
Heated seats
Android auto
MPG isn't a huge factor
Reliable - will live to 250k miles with minimal repair investment (about 1k a year to maintain max)
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2021.12.08 13:24 WellThatsJustLikeYou Voice chat throughout the work day - 26M

Hey, my names Cody. Delivering packages today in good Ole California.
Have a bunch of your normal hobbies: comics/TV /video games etc, and some others like dirt bikes and cooking.
If you're cool with earbud quality audio, I can chat throughout my workday. Would be cool to make a long term friend or two, just pm me your discord and I'll shoot you an add
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in the past week I have gone in-person to businesses indicating they are immediately hiring — only to be told they were looking for someone AFTER the holidays, they weren’t looking right now, or the position was filled and they never took down the post.
Keep in mind that I’ve shown up in formal business attire like it was an interview. I’ve shown up w/ a resume, talking points about how I can be a reliable asset, and questions to get a better feel for the position. Yet the employers look at me like I have five heads, as if nobody has ever dropped off a physical copy of resume.
Showing up hasn’t been a hassle, because these businesses are like a 15 minute drive from home; I also figured it’d be making a good impression and it allows them to put a name to a face...
Am I the only one whose experienced this? Are they judging me based on appearance? If so it’s VERY telling that I shouldn’t work there. I really don’t think this is confrontational or putting them on the spot— they need employees, and I’m taking the initiative to present myself instead of a simple click&apply.
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2021.12.08 13:24 thebeastofbitcoin Shitcoin Market Caps Going Up!

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2021.12.08 13:24 Ceu_64 Wanted man in a live interview on internet

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2021.12.08 13:24 crytoloover DYDX price prediction analysis today

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2021.12.08 13:24 Ornery_Ad_5723 Got Ghosted for The First Time

Okay, fine...I didn't see that coming. I'll let you be. Despite you leaving me without a word. just like that, you're gone in the meadow...I still believe that what we had is real. Really funny HAHA! Yeah, thanks for always looking after me, ironically you broke me into pieces too. You warned me, I still took risk and I will always take a risk if it means having another day with you. Yes, I promised to never bring up the time you forgot my birthday but I think it's fair to bring that up now. This is crazy, but I had fun! Unless you'll use my data into illegal purposes then the joke is on me, and on and on and on.
Why can't people just say goodbye instead of leaving like nothing happened? As if you never shared's sad but it's fine. I'll be fine later. I just don't know how to explain this with my friends.
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2021.12.08 13:24 pfresh26 Retail vs Rep AMM AJ3

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2021.12.08 13:24 Ok-Organization4565 Lamitta ❤️

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