No breakfast tacos in El Paso?

2021.12.08 13:06 geog-dooder No breakfast tacos in El Paso?

Moved here recently from San Antonio, but I lived in Austin, Houston, and Dallas-all have abundant breakfast taco joints. It’s almost like a religion there. But I haven’t found any places here. Is it not a thing here? Or are there places I don’t know about? Help…
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2021.12.08 13:06 stormymondayb women of alternative r&b - playlist I think people might like! Raveena, Snoh Aalegra, SZA kinda vibes

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2021.12.08 13:06 anfil89 Didn't receive my MATIC transfer from my Metamask to my Ledger

So I got a new Ledger Nano X today, and I went through the process to configure it. Generated a new seed phrase, write it down, and then installed some apps in Ledger Live, including Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. I tried to transfer small amounts from my Metamask to both "apps", and while I received the BNB transfer in my Binance Smart Chain account, I didn't receive the MATIC transfer in my Polygon account...
I checked the transaction in polygonscan, and it has the status "Success", and I'm pretty sure I used the right address since I used the copy feature in Ledger Live.
What could have gone wrong?
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2021.12.08 13:06 SirParsifal Ballparks by One-Star Reviews: loanDepot park - "toilets were disgusting appalling horrific henry"

Welcome to day 17 of my series where I list the funniest, the strangest, and the downright weirdest one-star Google reviews for MLB ballparks.
Today on stadium reviews: Derek Jeter Stadium, sometimes called loanDepot park by people who are terrible corporate shills or trying to make fun of terrible corporate shills. Let’s get started.
derek jeter

JETER it takes roughly a half hour to get on the major deegan at Yankees stadium. I have been on the 6th floor center field garage for 56 minutes with very limited movement. I'm a die hard Yankees fan, but Marlin stadium will never see us again when you have idiotic Miami Dade police directing traffic....more to come, let see how long it takes to get out of the center field garage.
Spent $200 on handicap tickets for last nights game. Spent 2 1/2 hours in the car trying to find parking. Between closed roads, a stuck draw bridge and totally unorganized detours we couldn’t get near the stadium parking. There should’ve been more assistance on the streets. We were finally told when we got within a few blocks of the stadium that all the garages were full and we had to go find parking in the residential neighborhood. Mind you, we never got anywhere near the parking garages. We were constantly Detoured down other streets. Even if we had pre-paid for parking we couldn’t get anywhere near the parking garages. I am a transplant from New York I cannot believe how much better navigating the Bronx is than my experience last night. We wound end up turning around and going home. 200 bucks in the trash. All in all we spent 3 1/2 hours round-trip in the car and most we could do is listen to the game on the radio which we could’ve done from home. I expected so much more from Derek Jeter while some of the street issues were unavoidable there is not enough parking for the stadium. There was not enough assistance on the street to help navigate the cars. I couldn’t understand when I first moved out why no one was going to the stadium to watch the games and now I truly understand. My husband is on a mobility scooter so parking in a residential neighborhood with the lift on the back of the car And trying to travel to the stadium is not an option. #Derekjeter. #wasteofmoney
Maybe Jeter will bulldoze the stadium and build a Yankee stadium there
Look, I understand that 75% of Marlins fans are just retiree Yankee fans looking for an NL team. But they have to understand that Derek Jeter does not control all aspects of the team, right? Actually, they probably grew up with George Steinbrenner and they do expect the owner to micromanage every part of the team. Never mind. #derekjeter
Game was fine. Parking atrocious. Still waiting to get out of parking deck. It’s been over an hour. Concessions ran out of hot dogs!!!
This is a terrible experience! Traffic killed us, plus took an hour to park, no joke. Almost no police directing traffic. Got in seats at top of 2nd. Then in middle of 3rd stood in line for 20 min to get dogs... no dogs, no pretzels, no soda, no drought beer. So now I'm in a different 20-min line! My 7-year-old son now hates baseball! We've spent the whole day standing in line!
I believe this is the second stadium in the last three where someone insists on standing in long lines for food, then claims their son hates the game because of it.
general weirdness
I was the victim of a scam by Holidays Network Group while visiting Marlins Park on May 28, 2019. A gentleman named Alano Carter convinced my girlfriend and I to sign up for a 2 hour presentation the following day to try to sell us on a vacation deal of some sort. We were told we'd simply need to hear out the presentation and then we could decline to purchase anything and we'd receive $90 in restaurant vouchers and free passes for an Everglade boat tour. We agreed to participate and then were told we needed to give Alano $40 which would be refundable at the end of the presentation the following day. Alano then took my phone number and hotel information and indicated he would be contacting me the next day to arrange an Uber to pick us up and take us to the presentation. I never heard from Alano or my $40 again. In hindsight it was pretty foolish to give this man $40 upfront and it's not something I'd typically fall for but we were on vacation, feeling good, and didn't think a Major League Baseball team would allow a scam to operate within its facility.
My girlfriend and I were excited to bring our dog to Bark At The Park on August 11 at Marlins stadium. At security, there wasn’t enough tent space set up, so our puppy got soaked in the rain. At the gate, we were told that the tickets we purchased on SeatGeek weren’t approved for a dog section, so we had to buy a single dog ticket in the upper seating deck. We went to the stadium ticket office and we charged for FOUR tickets. We immediately spoke to a ticket representative who spoke to his supervisor, Andres, and we were told that all ticket sales are final, even though they made the mistake. Additionally, the all of the dogs had to walk up 4 flights of stairs. Some vomited on the way up. The entire event was poorly organized and an egregious display of customer service.
I can’t get the mental picture of multiple dogs vomiting while walking up stairs out of my head. send help
this experience would be better if the Marlins had any good players and the home run flamingo would fly
The new Fence around the Marlins Park now makes it look like a detention center in the middle of Little Havana.It looks like the Marlins are running from the
Poorly handled giveaway. People in the rain. SMH. 06/16/2019
I really only included this because I sort of mentally sing it to the tune of This Charming Man and it mildly amused me.
In all my years of attending professional sporting events, I have never been as insulted as I was at today's game (July 30, 2017) vs. the Reds on Sunday Funday with my wife and two children (ages 9 and 11) by an usher who has no respect for not only Marlins fans, but children who are Marlins fans. We normally attend anywhere from 5-10 games a year (most recently before today was just two days ago). My two boys wear Marlins gear from head to toe at every game we attend. My oldest said to me that instead of running the bases after the game, he and his brother would rather watch the post game show and try to meet Jeff Conine and, maybe get an autograph since they are not allowed to get autographs before the game in the park unless they sit in the lower section. The ushers are very strict about ticket holders for those seats only going near the dugout area, which is understandable. So, after the game, we walk over to where the show is broadcast from to watch the show. As we were waiting, we took some pictures of the show while waiting to meet Jeff Conine and talked about how he earned the name "Mr. Marlin" as a few adult Reds fans also came over to possibly get an autograph. We were there for about 15 minutes or so when one older African American female usher with blond hair decided that we "had to go" now as there wouldn't be anyone to escort us out. So, I politely told her we were watching the show, there are still thousands of fans still in the park and hundreds of kids still running the bases on the field. Her response, "Well, I don't know how long he gonna be so ya'll need to go now. We clearin this section." As we proceeded to walk away, nothing was said to the Reds fans, who as my 2 boys saw, were able to get a ball signed during the commercial break as we had already started walking and were about 50 feet away from the show. I turned around with my 9 year old to ask the usher why we were being told to leave as I proceeded to where the cameraman was (he was very nice and said they were almost finished with the show). I told him that, unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to wait as they were closing the section, otherwise we would. As I told my 9 year old that we can try again next time we come, the usher mumbled, "Uh, uh. Ima get the police fo these people" as we proceeded once again to leave as the show was not completed and we could clearly see that she was not going to extend us (Marlins fans and two children with Marlins gear) the same courtesy she did with adult Reds fans. Meanwhile, there are still thousands of fans still in the park, going to the bathroom, taking pictures, talking, walking, etc., and kids still on the field running the bases, but my family necessitates getting the police informed that we had to exit the park at that exact moment. I have supported the Marlins from day one, not only by watching them on T.V., but by attending games, buying merchandise, etc., but I will no longer continue to spend my money where fans are clearly treated with such disdain that they can't wait to usher us out of the park while thousands of others are allowed to leave at their own leisure and enjoy a Sunday Funday without being harrassed by ushers who are paid to represent the organization. I didn't go to college, earn a degree, start a career, and raise children with values to be insulted by an usher on a power trip who thought it necessary for a family of four to leave the park on her time when thousands of others were still in the park. We were the paying customers and she felt it necessary to get the police (who incidentally just smiled and nodded at us) to get us out as quickly as possible. Not a Sunday Funday, in my opinion.
Teriible cuz I am a Cubs fan and I wish the flamingo would fly when Ian Happ hit a homer
Prices are way too high in food. 2 people alone are $50 for tickets, $25 parking. Way to overprice for a last place team and they players are so nasty they don't sign autographs or say hello to the people.staff looks lost during the games when they move the start time from 1pm to 4pm without any notice to the fans. Loria needs to sell the team as soon as possible. unfriendly team and unfriendly ballpark. Loria is a sad strange little man. the team is only worth $500 million not 1.7 billion.
Radio broadcast on Satalite XM the mikes r garablled
I don’t understand how someone could listen to the Marlins game on satellite radio, not be pleased with the quality, and then decide to leave a negative review ON THE BALLPARK. What is the train of thought?
This is the wrong marlins park. The real one is at sw 114th avenue.
Someone from Miami will have to explain how this is a sick diss, because I looked up the address and it’s just a normal park where kids play.
Eat & drink before you get here!
This is actually just good life advice in general. I used to only eat and drink at ballparks, but after I nearly died of dehydration during the offseason, I decided I could eat and drink at home. It changed my whole life.
toilets were disgusting appalling horrific henry
it is ugly and rude people go there.
And, of course, our Translated by Google review:
(Translated by Google) Very luxurious beautiful and cozy, but it is not made for humble people who break the spine working, everything is extremely expensive, I only recommend it as a vacation, once a year, and of course only on tour because the Marlins team is a scam, is a team of 3 division in Andorra, if the team does not work and does not sell tickets that the entrance is free and thus more people go to eat and tours
(Original) Muy lujoso hermoso y acogedor,pero no está echo para personas humildes que se rompen el lomo trabajando,todo es extremadamente caro,solo lo recomiendo como unas vacaciones,una vez al año,y por supuesto solo de tour porque el equipo de los Marlins es una estafa, es un equipo de 3 división en Andorra , si el equipo no sirve y no vende entradas que la entrada sea gratuita y así va más gente a comer y de tours
Previous reviews in this series:
Day 1: Fenway Park
Day 2: Skydome
Day 3: Oriole Park
Day 4: Florida SunCoast Dome
Day 5: Yankee Stadium II
Day 6: Comiskey Park II
Day 7: Comerica Park
Day 8: Target Field
Day 9: Jacobs Field
Day 10: Royals Stadium
Day 11: Edison International Field of Anaheim
Day 12: Enron Field
Day 13: RingCentral Coliseum
Day 14: Globe Life Field
Day 15: Safeco Field
Day 16: Citi Field
Day 17: Citizens Bank Park
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2021.12.08 13:06 officialbigrob Dear GM, Salesforce, and all companies that use

No one wants to create an account before they're allowed to submit a resume for applications. Why the fuck hasn't workday developed a "common app" that lets us easily share our information across these job portals?
What an abysmally poor user experience.
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2021.12.08 13:06 Nordyc Pick me up at $65, fellow deplorables

Now I am just said I didn’t have free cash to average down while it was lower.
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2021.12.08 13:06 ferrujas We're in the ancient books of history..

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2021.12.08 13:06 OliviasTravelingFeet Do you like them? :)

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2021.12.08 13:06 longchongwong Pro clubs ps4, anyone down to play?

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2021.12.08 13:06 Psychological-Bus635 Join the Corinna Kopf OF! Discord Server!

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2021.12.08 13:06 ShyGuy189540 How to fix a Google Maps Error with EAS build on iPhone?

I migrated my Expo SDK 43 Managed Workflow project to an EAS Build.
I use Google Maps as my default map choice for Android and iOS, but I when attempting to build navigate to a screen with a map I receive this error:
react-native-maps: AirGoogleMaps dir must be added to your xCode project to support GoogleMaps on iOS. at node_modules/react-native-maps/lib/components/decorateMapComponent.js:27:54 in
When I follow the path laid out in the error to my node_modules file, it takes me to "decorateMapComponent.js" which is a js file that contains this code:

import PropTypes from 'prop-types'; import { requireNativeComponent, NativeModules, Platform } from 'react-native'; import { PROVIDER_DEFAULT, PROVIDER_GOOGLE } from './ProviderConstants'; export const SUPPORTED = 'SUPPORTED'; export const USES_DEFAULT_IMPLEMENTATION = 'USES_DEFAULT_IMPLEMENTATION'; export const NOT_SUPPORTED = 'NOT_SUPPORTED'; export function getAirMapName(provider) { if (Platform.OS === 'android') { return 'AIRMap'; } if (provider === PROVIDER_GOOGLE) { return 'AIRGoogleMap'; } return 'AIRMap'; } function getAirComponentName(provider, component) { return `${getAirMapName(provider)}${component}`; } export const contextTypes = { provider: PropTypes.string, }; export const createNotSupportedComponent = message => () => { console.error(message); return null; }; function getViewManagerConfig(viewManagerName) { const UIManager = NativeModules.UIManager; if (!UIManager.getViewManagerConfig) { // RN < 0.58 return UIManager[viewManagerName]; } // RN >= 0.58 return UIManager.getViewManagerConfig(viewManagerName); } export const googleMapIsInstalled = !!getViewManagerConfig( getAirMapName(PROVIDER_GOOGLE) ); export default function decorateMapComponent( Component, { componentType, providers } ) { const components = {}; const getDefaultComponent = () => requireNativeComponent(getAirComponentName(null, componentType), Component); Component.contextTypes = contextTypes; Component.prototype.getAirComponent = function getAirComponent() { const provider = this.context.provider || PROVIDER_DEFAULT; if (components[provider]) { return components[provider]; } if (provider === PROVIDER_DEFAULT) { components[PROVIDER_DEFAULT] = getDefaultComponent(); return components[PROVIDER_DEFAULT]; } const providerInfo = providers[provider]; const platformSupport = providerInfo[Platform.OS]; const componentName = getAirComponentName(provider, componentType); if (platformSupport === NOT_SUPPORTED) { components[provider] = createNotSupportedComponent( `react-native-maps: ${componentName} is not supported on ${Platform.OS}` ); } else if (platformSupport === SUPPORTED) { if ( provider !== PROVIDER_GOOGLE || (Platform.OS === 'ios' && googleMapIsInstalled) ) { components[provider] = requireNativeComponent(componentName, Component); } } else { // (platformSupport === USES_DEFAULT_IMPLEMENTATION) if (!components[PROVIDER_DEFAULT]) { components[PROVIDER_DEFAULT] = getDefaultComponent(); } components[provider] = components[PROVIDER_DEFAULT]; } return components[provider]; }; Component.prototype.getUIManagerCommand = function getUIManagerCommand(name) { const componentName = getAirComponentName( this.context.provider, componentType ); return getViewManagerConfig(componentName).Commands[name]; }; Component.prototype.getMapManagerCommand = function getMapManagerCommand( name ) { const airComponentName = `${getAirComponentName( this.context.provider, componentType )}Manager`; return NativeModules[airComponentName][name]; }; return Component; } 
How do I modify this so iOS will support Google-Maps?
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2021.12.08 13:06 kahotic_kay Why does PS5 Peter Parker look like Sam Lerner

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2021.12.08 13:06 Humans-deserve-hell Im ready to play through soc again for the second time, but there is a slight problem

I remember how unenjoyable the beginning of the game is due to the super weak pistol, and lack of access to weapons you get in the beginning which makes it hard for me to actually start the playthrough knowing im not gonna enjoy the first couple of 2 to 3 hrs. Is there a mod that gives you the starting weapons like call of pripyat? (the akm-74 in the beginning of the game with some ammo)
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2021.12.08 13:06 Sandy-_-113 Need Help :(

Can anyone give me some tips I’ve never been able to go longer than a week since like 11 I’m 18 now and decided enough is enough it’s been getting progressively worse over the past few months to the point where I can’t even remember how many times I jerked off that day, can someone recommend me an app to track this I’m gonna try for 90 days
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2021.12.08 13:06 necreativnenko weightloss

(f) used to be overweight, lost it all, but nothing changed, i still hate how i look in the mirror and i still don’t seem to attract anyone. i’ve been spiralling down the rabbit-hole of self hatred and it started affecting everything. could it be that i’m simply not attractive at all or is it just me and what do i do.
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2021.12.08 13:06 mwfreebies NEW Code Worth 10 Disney Movie Insiders Points!

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2021.12.08 13:06 RadioNameLRIL02 賃上げ促進に優遇税制拡充でも機運高まらず - 所得増実感できるのは2%を明確に超える水準

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2021.12.08 13:06 TheDeathSheep1 Mumei is Canadian

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2021.12.08 13:06 ryanrocket Common Source Amplifier Clipping at Vdd

Common Source Amplifier Clipping at Vdd I have a basic common source amplifier, biased using a voltage divider and source degeneration at the source (though unused). The load resistor Rd was derived for the target gain using Ao = -gmRd. However, I am getting clipping at the output wire (drain / net4) at Vdd (1.8V). Ive run plenty of simulations stepping either Rd, or the degeneration resistor, and the biasing, but I cant get the clipping to go away. Is this something to do with the sizing of the mosfet? Or perhaps something else dealing with the physical attributes of it?

Circuit Configuration (Note that 1/0.15 is the W/L) for 130nm CMOS

Feedback from increasing Rd. Note that no matter how small, the clipping at 1.8 remains
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2021.12.08 13:06 SmallReflection2552 Coinbase free withdrawals (off chain) will be gradually phased out

Coinbase free withdrawals (off chain) will be gradually phased out. This process will happen in two stages:
From Tuesday the 14th of December, off chain Coinbase withdrawals (free) will be set with a fee to match the regular blockchain withdrawals. This means when making a withdrawal to Coinbase you will pay the same as a regular withdrawal, which is currently 0.000005 BTC (about $0.25 at time of press) or more based on Blockchain conditions.
On the 1st of January 2022, the off chain Coinbase withdrawal feature will be removed from our platform.
The Coinbase minimum withdrawal amount will remain at 0.0005 (about $25 at time of press), the same amount needed for regular withdrawals.
We would like to highlight that after this transition, you will still be able to withdraw to Coinbase.
Coinbase withdrawals will take place like a regular blockchain withdrawal. To do so, you must add your Coinbase wallet address to your NiceHash account by following these steps. Then proceed to make a withdrawal by following these instructions.
We would also like to inform you that you can withdraw or exchange your funds via other methods inside your account:

We thank you for understanding, and for using our services.
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2021.12.08 13:06 SpartanFlight The American | Ektachrome 100, F100, Sigma 35mm f/1.4

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2021.12.08 13:06 filipinutt $CASHIO

💣 Big News Game Release Today 5pm UTC 💣
📢 FOLLOW UP; Today is the Big Day, Cashio releases his brand new "Keycash Game" at 5pm UTC, better be ready. Remember also to hold Cashio token in your wallet and earn BNB from CashioGames Platform & many more, 8% buy fee. Audited by SOLIDProof, nearly 2K+ Holders and growing, listed already on CG + CMC, could 50x 100x DYOR 🚀

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2021.12.08 13:06 Dr0m0x Does anyone know if JunoBio tests for strep B

I want to know before the doctor does so I can take some natural approaches if I need to 😂
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2021.12.08 13:06 bosphotos USA vacation cabin/rental property investment

Hi Investment Friends,
Wife and I are very interested in buying a vacation/rental property in NY state as an Ontarian.
We would use the cabin 2-5 nights a month likely and then rent it out on Airbnb 5-10 nights a month ~$150/night. I realized that US withholding tax on the net rental income the property brings in is 30% - a big chunk out of the profit margin.
Purchase price would be 80k USD but it needs $20k+ in work. We'd throw $50k USD at it and carry a small mortgage. Our current home has a $200k mortgage remaining @ 3.2%. Gross income for us is ~$190k cdn/year - both in our later 20s early 30s. No other debt. Family is strongly against us doing this and thinks we need to just fully pay off our house before we think about other investing as mortgage rates are going up. Mortgage is up for renewal next summer. I love real-estate and home reno stuff. Fully gutted and rebuilt our current house from the studs and subfloor myself.
If we did go to sell the cabin down the road I note that there are several US and CDN tax implications.
Is there anything else I am blatantly missing other than the headache or running an airbnb in another country? Anyone else gone down a similar road? What did you learn?
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2021.12.08 13:05 niishetafrin videography logo!

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