Guys want sex, men want ______.

2021.12.08 12:31 fruitpunchsamuraiD Guys want sex, men want ______.

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2021.12.08 12:31 MaggieMains Working slowly in a discord, not in to much of a rush incase it’s not Maggie. Also I’m not very good at discord stuff. Bear 🐻 with me

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2021.12.08 12:31 GorGasm_1 Forgot password

No idea where to ask this so here goes lol
So I ordered a papas a few weeks a go and logged in fine, Fancied a papas a few days a go and I go to log in and my password doesn't work, Asked for the password to be emailed to me and I haven't recieved anything (yes it's the correct email and yes I've checked junk mail etc )
I managed to collect enough points to get a free pizza and now I can't claim it. I'm in the UK if that helps?
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2021.12.08 12:31 avinassh Hacking Go compiler to add a new keyword

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2021.12.08 12:31 Jen_7878 You guys are never gonna guess what she eats today...

It's something she's NEVER. had before! Deffly not the same old sounds we always hear!
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2021.12.08 12:31 wanderingmind And the cruelty continues

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2021.12.08 12:31 Exotic_Volume696 Richard Alexander "Alex" Murdaugh‘s “bulldog” defense attorneys, Richard A. "Dick" Harpootlian and Jim Griffin, have apparently launched a war on Satterfield family attorney Eric Bland. - ATTORNEY WARS - PART ONE by Mandy Matney

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2021.12.08 12:31 SimonDbrz Works the other way around too!

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2021.12.08 12:31 Interesting-Ad838 What to try ?

This Fifa has been my best FIFA as far as player picks and packs luck. Everything is untredable except Clauss which is CLASS over Hakimi. I got 500k to make a change either in defense or midfield, any suggestions?
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2021.12.08 12:31 Culchiesinparis Seeing Ben and Henry be polite on Behind the Monsters Is Kinda Fun

Honestly from only really seeing them physically on last stream they're clearly on their good behaviour.
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2021.12.08 12:31 NotReallyAlanTuring I’m all in. Fuck Fidelity.

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2021.12.08 12:31 hundeerseje Just made this

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2021.12.08 12:31 hete_kip Chance to contract Covid-19 from spouse if self-isolation is not possiblr

Hi guys,
Was wondering if you guys have any knowledge about this. I’m currently in quarantine with my gf. She contracted Covid-19 last friday. She’s doing better now and according to our government guidelines she can leave quarantine on Saturday if she’s been symptom-free for at least 24hrs. For me, I am vaccinated and did not contract covid from her yet. I also have no symptoms yet at all and all my rapid tests came out negative as of yet. My gf has not been able to self-isolate as we live in a very small apartment. I was wondering, do I still run the risk of contracting covid every time I am near her, or is the risk low of contracting it from her if I did not contract it in the first few days of her having COVID?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.08 12:31 DrMaridelMolotov Reverse SSH Tunnel To Collector from FortiSIEM

Hi all,
Does anyone have experience or a guide on how to do a reverse SSH tunnel connection from a super to a customer's collector that we have discovered? We can establish a tunnel but we don't get any output from the shell we get.
We just get: tunnelshell[] as the user and no response from my commands.

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2021.12.08 12:31 KoiDotJpeg Angering the Gods With Dummy Statue?

Hello, is it possible to anger the Gods by getting too high of a DPS when testing on the dummy to the left? I had a really good run going, and all of a sudden I tested out my busted wand (500 DPS) and then got a message I had angered the gods. It was just double cast spitter bolt w/ trigger plus chainsaw looping shuffle. I have no idea what caused it and it ended up kinda killing my run even after I killed Stevani
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2021.12.08 12:31 ChangeNow_io Shiba Inu Games to Work With PlaySide Studios | ChangeNOW

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2021.12.08 12:31 EvilAlicia Tell us more

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2021.12.08 12:31 hardyq1122 🐶FlappyDoge🐶 | $FLPD Public Token Launch on December 10th | LOW Initial MC | Listed on Top BSC Exchanges | Will 10x in 1st Week and 100x in 6 Months | P2E 3D Mobile Game on Android/iOS | FlappyDoge Game Trailer Coming Early 2022 | Robust and Experienced Team | The PlayStation of Crypto

 🐶WELCOME TO FlappyDoge🐶 
FlappyDoge is a blockchain-based, P2E, 3D game that will be released on IOS and Android with future integration to PC VR. It will be the first for the indie genre P2E, mobile-format gaming industry to introduce a variety of games that will be created and accessed from a VR metaverse and online lobby. This expands the utility of the $FLPD token, as it’s FlappyPad will be the platform where these new games will be launched from.
👇🏼👇🏼Visit our TG channel below 👇🏼👇🏼 
How FlappyDoge Came To Existence
An incredible overlap exists between the gaming and crypto community. The game-fi industry saw a significant usage increase in just the past few months, with much more growth ahead. A natural desire exists for gamers to see their craft be reflected in real value, and users make an easy leap from gaming worlds to the metaverse concept.
The experienced team made up of over 20 mathematics and computer science engineers, professionals, and business/marketing experts (all with a very strong background and passion in the crypto space) recognized this huge opportunity to design play-to-earn (P2E), mobile format games on IOS and Android devices, and further utilizing this gaming design model as an expansion point into a larger metaverse. This was the birthplace of their first game, FlappyDoge. It will be the first for the indie genre P2E, mobile-format gaming industry to introduce a collection of games to be created and accessed from a VR metaverse and online lobby, with other exciting elements to explore in the future, such as a launchpad!
What Is FlappyDoge
FlappyDoge is a blockchain-based, P2E, 3D game that will be released on IOS and Android with plans to integrate PC VR. It features 10 levels with different background animation art where players have to go through gaps at each level. As levels increase, as does the speed and complexity making each level harder as you progress.
The game allows for use of NFT technology where the P2E rewards withdrawn from the mobile app can be used in the Marketplace. The game also allows the user to ante up their own $FLPD to earn more tokens through successful game play further increasing your $FLPD wallet!!
Wait…There’s More
FlappyDoge goes beyond a simply addictive, fun game with an NFT Marketplace Ecosystem. FlappyPad, the launch pad system will introduce the line up of future games of P2E games where FlappyDoge token holders will receive an airdrop of the specific new gaming token every time a new game is announced and users can participate in the sales before others! With this launch pad in place loyal token holders will have the chance to accumulate new game tokens, confidently knowing that each new game/token has the same cast of experienced team members driving the successes for each one!! Furthermore, because these new games will integrate into the NFT and FlappyDoge ecosystem they will have similar features and playability allowing newer users to develop a skillset within the newer games equalizing the playing field when competing in the oldeoriginal games - a previous issue in other successful games where new users struggle to catch up to other players.
Built With The Community In Mind
Why is this project beneficial for you? The FlappyDoge team prides themselves on being community-driven. They believe in full transparency; no hidden token wallets; no shady transfers; reasonable transactional taxes (majority goes back to holders and marketing, that benefit the community as a whole, and a small percentage gets burnt making your tokens more valuable!). They are a dedicated, experienced and trusted team in the crypto world. Every team member brings an expertise in one or all of the following: cryptocurrency, computer science, mathematics, management, marketing, business, or networking. Through working or connecting across various projects, this team has formed a complementary working relationship that will rival any team in the crypto market; All with proven track records and marketing plans that will take FlappyDoge, it’s community, and all of their future projects to the STRATOSPHERE!!!
Come be a part of our journey!!
🔥FlappyDoge HAS IT ALL🔥
📝 Contract address: 0x80dc7bd1328f5e48e8e22884169ba46f9279201b
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💰Transaction Fees:
📈 3% Goes to marketing (benefits the entire community)
♻️ 3% Redistributes to Holders (increases tokens for holders)
🔥 3% Gets Burnt (token becomes more valuable)
Buy, sell, interact, earn. The FlappyDoge way!!
🔒 Liquidity is LOCKED 🔒
💻 Website:
🐦 Twitter:
🚀 Telegram Channel:
📸 Instagram:
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2021.12.08 12:31 OptimalRefuse3289 I could really use some support and reassurance (more in comments)

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2021.12.08 12:31 johnrock001 Top 10 Anime of 2021 - Must Watch Anime 2021

Top 10 Anime of 2021 - Must Watch Anime 2021 -
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2021.12.08 12:31 coljavskiyi GoofyDoge | Just Launched ⭐ | $DOGE Rewards| Rapidly Growing Community! | Massive Marketing Push Today!

Welcome to GoofyDoge
GoofyDoge is a community-based project, aiming to connect the digital and real-world in every way and build a bridge between cartoon universe and crypto world.
Contract Address:

Albeit the image that Goofy gives us is clumsy and dim-witted, he is a kind dog as Doge's new friend, and always treats others sincerely and does not ask for anything in return. So we hope to to build a friendly and kind-hearted community together, just like Goofy, expressing friendships with the community in a unique and sincere way.

When Doge enters the cartoon universe and starts their new story... together with his new friends, he will bring a fairytale-like world, where dreams come true, to the moon
↪️ Total Supply: 5,280,000 Tokens
↪️ DOGE Dividends Level 1 if hodling > 528: 2%
↪️ DOGE Dividends Level 2 if hodling > 5,280: 3%
↪️ Marketing: 5%
↪️ Extra Development: 3%
↪️ Liquidity: 2%
How to Buy
Contract Address: 0xB1A0684e0BC1af57319DD8509524363bFAAAf865
Stay Connected with Us
Follow us on our social media to stay connected and up to date with all Martian Doge news
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2021.12.08 12:31 RomanBrown78 Fall Guy Stuntman Association Vintage

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2021.12.08 12:31 Fos-kun Has this ever happened to you guys?

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2021.12.08 12:31 upbeatpride69 [H] OnlyFans $1 Pornhub $5 (Doesn't Downgrade) N0rdVPN (3Years) $3 Disney Plus $5 HB0 Paramount $3 Google Drive $2 ESPN $3 D3ezer $5 IPTV Hu1u $2 N3tflix $3 CBS $3 MalwareBytes Lifetime $7 RealityKings Brazzers Mofos Babes WTF Pass Fakehub Blacked Twistys [W] Paypal, Credit Cards, BTC ETH LTC BCH

OFFER: Free IPTV (for PC) for any purchase worth $4 or above
(Message me if you want to pay using PayPal credit/debit card)
Items start for as low as $1 US, and you'll always have warranty on your purchase, as long as we got the item on stock.
Feel free to DM me 24/7 with any questions or clarifications you'd like me to make.
The process is automated, and you receive the product instantly after purchase. Kindly check out the full product list and reviews in the new store below
Click Here to access the shop
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2021.12.08 12:31 iTzAlvaro96 In a parallel universe we have a mega expansion in which characters like Arthur, John and Dutch return

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