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Colourpop’s Glass Bull v. Clionadh’s Carving

2021.12.06 11:24 Jcaseykcsee Colourpop’s Glass Bull v. Clionadh’s Carving

Hi there, I’d love to see these two shades side-by-side if possible. Just wondering if they’re close in any way. Thanks so much!
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2021.12.06 11:24 preguica00 Help validating an app idea

Hi everyone 😊 Hope you are all right!
I'm validating an idea for a software that aims to help people lose weight and achieve health goals with personalized monitoring, so that they can maintain motivation throughout the process. Vegan diets included of course.
It will help me a lot if you could answer this short anonymous form: https://forms.gle/xcVsvZBc4hBEiE4U7
Also, If anyone wants to share hehis personal struggles on this topic via message, It would be super helpful.
Thank you very much in advance! 🙏
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2021.12.06 11:24 ramdom-person-1 Guys what does this mk do? I dont get it

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2021.12.06 11:24 gods_fat_cock thinking about relocating from new england to St George. Should I just fuck off?

I'm somewhat educated (Associates degree). I'd need a job in warehousing/manufacturing/maintenance. Are there any available? I'm young and in shape and handsome, so I wouldn't ugly the place up or go on welfare. I got no addiction problems.
Yes, I am probably going to marry one of your womens. All the ones here are fat and on meth and just want to get pregnant and then go on welfare and screw you with child support while they go around sleeping with other dudes and dont give two shits about your child. Yeah, this is a lot of the reason I want to get out of here.
I've been all over the country. St George seems like a cool place.
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2021.12.06 11:24 dhdkdhkdhskd How should I play this as a solo player

I’m new and I don’t know if I should just go for the bounty or just strictly hunt other ppl I don’t know what to do
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2021.12.06 11:24 chloroxphil How do you sell to a marketing team?

I sell my art through Etsy having physical originals or prints that I mail out for $80 and $22, respectively. Recently a representative from a government group wants to buy a digital copy for their marketing and putting on their yearly Christmas card. How do I price that? I’ve never run into this before…
Link to what they want to buy: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWqNMnerBwA/?utm_medium=copy_link
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2021.12.06 11:24 No-Ice-9017 Game: Can you read this? For rumi lovers and you can read farsi

I did this design, I'm keen to see if anyone can read it or i did it too complicated - if you can, please reply with your english translation of this :) do you like it? does it work or would you change something?

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2021.12.06 11:24 Thedarkknight69420 Cursed_japan

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2021.12.06 11:24 DrinnoTTV I saw our boy from Bulgarias' stock is at an all time low.. couldn't help but smile 🙂👍

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2021.12.06 11:24 um_noway_hozay Screen Flow - Lookup Component not returning any results

When using the lookup component on screen flows it is always displays a loading circle near the search icon but never returns any results, when i try setting a default value using an Account Id nothing happens.
does anyone know where i'm going wrong on this?
Field API Name is Name, have tried it with Id but neither work.
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2021.12.06 11:24 Run-Cry-Repeat Why do we love true crime?

Dear Members of True Crime Community,
I am a young researcher from India who is focusing her thesis work on understanding why we consume true crime content and what are our primary motivations as readers while selecting a text.
Listed below is a link to a short google survey which would help me find answers to these important questions and perhaps one day be in a better position to understand our relationship with crime and criminality.
I would be so glad if you could take some time out to answer the survey. Thank you!
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2021.12.06 11:24 OmegaZero2 Do you think that there will ever be true equality in the dating marketplace?

There has been much discussion on this sub about the injustices and unequal treatment of men and women in dating along with the ideologies on how to achieve the best outcome.
While putting the problems out there is a good first step my concern is the end goal. Namely is true dating equality possible and if so what would it look like?
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2021.12.06 11:24 doomsdayhammer LC FOG t-shirt, don’t know anything about the brand and someone offered to trade this for one of my OW t-shirts? Worth it?

LC FOG t-shirt, don’t know anything about the brand and someone offered to trade this for one of my OW t-shirts? Worth it? submitted by doomsdayhammer to FearofGod [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 11:24 _Jakonos Aiuto: Ciao ragazzi dato che devo cambiare scheda video quale mi consigliate budget 1000 euro. Se no tra queste quale mi consigliate?

Aiuto: Ciao ragazzi dato che devo cambiare scheda video quale mi consigliate budget 1000 euro. Se no tra queste quale mi consigliate? submitted by _Jakonos to ItalyInformatica [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 11:24 Anon3223435344212 Found Dreamcast in Loft, "Upgraded Machine" written on label.

Hi everyone. I've never owned a Dreamcast before, but a friend was clearing out the loft to our new house and we found a bunch of PS1 / PS2, Gameboy Colour, and Dreamcast stuff, along with a Dreamcast console itself. We've gotten it working and played a little bit of Resident Evil: Code Veronica on it as a test-run.
On the serial port for the modem (???) the previous owner has written "Upgraded Machine" on a stuck-on label. After a little bit of reading I've found that it is possible to add your own after-market hardware such as RAM to the board, which is usually only utilized by emulated / burnt discs (some of which we have found). My question is, how would I know if the machine has had hardware upgrades, and where would I find them / what would they look like? Here are some photos we took of the inside of the console. If I have missed anything out we can take it apart again for more detailed photos, if that would be helpful.
Apologies for any incorrect terminology. Like I say, never owned one of these before. Thanks for any and all replies :)
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2021.12.06 11:24 Ezahomeschoolacademy Why did you decide to homeschool?

Why did you choose this option for your family? Were you homeschooled as a child? I am just curious about how others made their way to this path.
I never imagined this option for my children but it was one of the best decisions we have made for our family.
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2021.12.06 11:24 AtmosphereOk8778 Fur babies Pageant,Santa Paws Dogs don festive outfits to attend Christ...

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2021.12.06 11:24 -WLR Christmas faces configuration

Hi, I wanted to make myself a christmas themed face for my new Series 7, using only official faces (no 3rd party apps). Do you have any ideas?
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2021.12.06 11:24 Elliot-_- I just have a quick question

Im Swedish and would therefore attend Durnstrang but as Im a muggle (like the the rest of us) would I attend Hogwarts as its quite close to Sweden? Is it that way or are there any other European schools out there?
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2021.12.06 11:24 daviddangerX Zekrom on me! 10 spots

7935 1938 7575 - TheMasterHeater Be online and ready PLEASE.
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2021.12.06 11:24 hunzg heart palps???

i’ve come to notice when i’m on that time of the month i get frequent heart palpitations that pop up on me randomly and cause insane anxiety. i’ve never usually had this before but over the past like 3 months i’ve noticed it happening on/around periods. to describe, it’s like fluttering.. like my heart is doing flips and it’s uncomfortable and quite scary. but goes in seconds. is this a normal thing to have? does anyone else have them or do i have a problem 😅
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2021.12.06 11:24 sulupipi .

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2021.12.06 11:24 OrtaMesafe Alperen Şengün vs New Orleans Pelicans | 5.12.2021

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2021.12.06 11:24 CareerPatient6316 Can someone be considered an extrovert or an introvert depending on how much they talk online?

If you agree with me, the appropriate definition of an introvert, not necessarily a person who is shy or has difficulty talking to other people, but someone who avoids these interactions because he prefers to be alone or is simply not interested. And extrovert the opposite. We usually define them according to their interactions in real life physically. But I wonder if someone who prefers to be an introvert in real life, but talks a lot online is really an introvert in all cases.

For example, maybe someone talks a lot online because they are interested in these people, or they have more things in common, or they find it easier because of anonymity and things that you don't have to worry about physically. Or maybe you get nervous with other people physically, but you really want an interaction with people.

Now the problem, we cannot define that someone is an introvert just by avoiding any human contact obviously. Some like to talk with few friends or large groups but then like to be alone. So you cannot say that someone is an introvert for sure unless it is me, because I do not know how much and the number of people that person is contacted obviously, and also I think there is no definition of how much and quantity, it is something that we define, that's why we say "I consider myself an introvert".

The point is, if someone talks a lot online but not physically, and vice versa, can I really define who is an introvert or an extrovert? Of course, there are many factors, such as if you do it because it seems more comfortable or does not interest you an online interaction and others. But it's something that I really can't understand. It's still human contact, but I'm unsure if it really defines something.
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2021.12.06 11:24 TheNewbieInvestor AT&T vs Verizon vs T-Mobile: Are they worth the investment?

The next step for telecommunications around the world is 5G. In the US, the three largest providers in the field are Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. The question here is can they offer us a good return on our investment? The obvious choice for industries like telecommunications are the biggest players in the country. Like I said, in the US those players are Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T so lets dig in and find out which one has the best bullish case.
Operations Lets start with operations. The amount of wireless subscribers is probably the most important metric to look at because it gives us a good idea of whether the operations of the companies are actually expanding. Plus, it is the main and biggest source of revenue for all three of these companies. Verizon has the most subscribers, currently sitting at 121.3 million, followed by T-Mobile with 104.8 million and AT&T with 97.8 million. Verizon acquired TracFone last year, which boosted their subscriber numbers, but apart from that there was no massive change in subscribers for any of the companies. Verizon has also recently broken the record for most awarded brand by JD Power for Wireless Network Quality with 27 consecutive number one awards. Good product quality is always important so that's a positive for Verizon in my books. Plus, they literally service 99% of the Fortune 500 companies and have partnerships with tech leaders like Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Right now, it seems like the main priority for all three companies is to improve their 5G network and capability. T-Mobile is the leader in 5G with best download speeds and highest coverage of 295 million having access to its 5G services, out of which 140 million people having access to its fastest service . AT&T's fast 5G coverage is only half T-Mobile's and Verizon is lagging behind with only a quarter of the fast 5G coverage of T-Mobile although their total coverage is similar to T-Mobile's. However, AT&T's 5G has a partnership with Microsoft Azure and Verizon's 5G has partnered with AWS. Such partnerships with major cloud providers are definitely a plus.
Verizon had Verizon Media which comprised of brands like AOL and Yahoo, but Verizon sold its media assets to a private equity company called Apollo Global Management on the 1st of September. The media business was a relatively fast-growing part of Verizon so I'm personally not the biggest fan of that sale. Still, Verizon Media made up only 6.2% of Verizon's total revenue in Q2 so it is a fairly small segment, but it will affect Verizon's revenue and profit going forward. In comparison, AT&T owns Warner Media so you can tell it is a much bigger chunk of its revenue at 21.2% in the third quarter of 2021. They own HBO and HBO Max which have seen an additional 12.5 million subscribers in the past year to a total of 69.4 million subscribers globally. Unfortunately, the gains there were offset by less cinema screenings over the past year although things are obviously picking back up again and we should see better results in the next quarters. Some more bad news, AT&T will be spinning off Warner Media in mid-2022 so that means a big chunk of revenue will be lost next year! I think this will end up badly for AT&T, especially since Warner Media is one of their more profitable segments! Putting that aside, other revenue sources include wireless equipment sales which make up 16.3% of Verizon's revenue, 12.7% of AT&T's revenue and 23.8% of T-Mobile's revenue. Even though it's a big chunk of T-Mobile's revenue, the company actually saw a 5.9% decrease in wireless equipment sales while AT&T saw an 11.4% increase and Verizon saw a massive 30% jump in equipment revenues, which is another plus for Verizon although the question here is whether they can actually keep that up.
Revenue and Earnings Alright, so we now have a good idea of what operations Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have. What does their revenue and earnings look like though? AT&T has the biggest revenue at $39.9 billion in Q3 of 2021, down 5.7% from last year. Their total revenue for the last 12 months stands at $173.6 billion, which is almost identical to the same period last year, meaning there was no growth. Verizon follows in second place with a $32.9 billion revenue in Q3 of 2021, up 4.3% from last year. Their total revenue for the last 12 months stands at $134.2 billion which is slightly up compared to the same period last year when they had a revenue of $128.4 billion. Finally, T-Mobile brought in a revenue of $19.6 billion in Q3 of 2021 compared to $19.3 billion last year. Last year, T-Mobile saw a massive jump in revenue which was mainly because of their merger with Sprint which closed on 1st April last year, but the growth since then has been much slower. For the last 12 months, T-Mobile's revenue was $79.7 billion up from $60 billion last year, but again that's because of the two companies merging. Overall, Verizon and AT&T have seen a relatively small revenue growth over the last 5 years, less than 2% per year, and they only expect a 1% revenue increase next year. In comparison, T-Mobile's revenue has doubled since 2016, which is massive compared to Verizon and AT&T, but again only a small revenue increase of under 3% is expected next year. What about their earnings though? Verizon have the best net margins at 16.4% which have doubled from an 8% in 2015. Plus, Verizon raised their EPS guidance for 2021 by almost 5%. AT&T's normal margins sit at around 9% although they've had a 0.7% net margin in the past year which are due to write-offs and impairments surrounding their media business. Finally, T-Mobile have the lowest margins with 4.2% right now although their historical average is about 5 or 6%. T-Mobile also have a negative free cash flow unlike the other two, which is a bit concerning. It's not a one-off either as they haven't had a positive free cash flow since 2016! That is most likely due to their faster expansion because telecommunications is extremely capital-intensive, but it is still worrying to see that with T-Mobile. In 2022, AT&T is expected to see a 4.4% drop in earnings while Verizon's earnings are expected to stay essentially flat with only a 0.3% earnings growth, but T-Mobile is looking at a 39.2% earnings growth although that follows after a drop of 32% in 2021. I personally don't think we will see such a big growth from T-Mobile and, to be fair, analysts have been reducing their expectations, too. There are just a lot of uncertainties in the market and the economy and a lot can change over the next year.
Financial Health We can see that these companies are making a lot of cash, but how healthy are their financials? What does their debt look like? Well, surprisingly, AT&T has the lowest debt-to-equity ratio with a 100%, followed by T-Mobile with 106% and finally Verizon with 191.8%! However, Verizon has the lowest effective interest rate with only 1.88% compared to 3.07% for T-Mobile and 3.31% for AT&T. What that means is that even though Verizon has exactly twice the debt of AT&T, their interest payments actually are not that much higher! Also, telecommunications is a very capital-intensive business so this type of debt levels are actually normal for the industry. None of the three companies has substantial cash and none of them can cover their current liabilities with their current assets. However, their quick ratios are just under 1 so the situation is not that bad.
Dividend Before we move to the valuation, we need to look at the dividend. Telecom stocks are not typically fast growers so their dividend is important to investors. AT&T has the highest dividend at 9.4%, but they are expected to cut it by almost half next year following the sale of Warner Media. Verizon follows with a 5.1% dividend while T-Mobile does not pay a dividend at all! Both AT&T and Verizon pay a higher-than-average dividend. Both of them have increased their dividend every year over the last 10 years although Verizon is the company that can actually afford to pay it. Their payout ratio is 47% whereas AT&T's one is massive, 1,578% although that's skewed due to the write-offs I mentioned earlier. Still, AT&T has a historically higher payout ratio than Verizon so that's worth keeping in mind. Lets also take a look at share buybacks since they are another way of returning money to shareholders. Verizon and T-Mobile have not bought back any shares in the last 3 years, but AT&T has actually reduced their number of outstanding shares by 2.5% since 2018.
Valuation Okay, we've covered the dividend so lets value the companies. Are they cheap right now? Looking at their current PE, we can see that Verizon is the cheapest with 9.5, followed by T-Mobile with 39.8 and AT&T with 168.2. Obviously, the current PE can be misleading, but if we take a look at their forward PE, we see that AT&T is the cheapest with only 7.3, followed by Verizon with 9.6 and T-Mobile with 32. In terms of the Price-to-earnings-growth ratio, T-Mobile is the cheapest with a 1.11, followed by Verizon with 2.9 and AT&T with 9.6. Finally, AT&T is the cheapest in terms of book value with a PB ratio of 1.04, T-Mobile follows with 2.07 and Verizon with 2.93.
Conclusion How can we interpret all of this? Well, AT&T seems to be the cheapest out of the three stocks right now, followed by Verizon. T-Mobile is massively overvalued right now, most likely by investors betting on T-Mobile dominating the 5G market. I honestly cannot see the bullish case for T-Mobile though. Even if they completely dominate the 5G market, they still have such low margins, negative free cash flow and a lot of costs related to capital expenditure. I just don't see them justifying this high price any time soon, definitely not in the next 2 or 3 years. Despite being cheap, AT&T is also a no-go in my books. Why? Their main selling point is their dividend. AT&T will be cutting this in half while also selling their high margin Warner Media subsidiary. Essentially, there is no point to hold them for the dividend and they will also lag behind in revenue and profits so there is no value play there either. It just seems like their best days are behind them. They currently trade for $22.2 which is half of their all-time high back in July 1999. 22 years ago! They have not been able to come close to that price and, in my opinion, they will not do that in the next 5 years. Definitely not worth the investment. You can just stick your money in an index fund and you will get much better returns without having to do more than 5 minutes of research. Plus, AT&T's price is likely to drop further once the Warner Media sale is closed and their dividend drops. The only good purchase here is Verizon. They have a solid dividend, decent margins, they can provide stability during volatile markets. However, they are not expected to grow much. No growth typically equals no jump in price. We can value their free cash flow as much as we want, but if investors don't buy the stock, the price will lag behind the S&P. Still, I think there is a case for Verizon if we see continued inflation or an increase in interest rates. As I said, Verizon's dividend is also solid, which is great for income portfolios or for balancing out your risk. However, if you are looking for price appreciation, a simple US index fund like SPY or VGT will probably outperform Verizon. There are some companies that can offer you a better return so check out my stock picks here if you are interested. Let me know what you think about Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile down below.
P.S. This is one of the occasions where you spend a weekend researching companies only to come to the conclusion that S&P500 probably offers better returns! I hope you find this useful though :)
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