Is this a reasonable watch system?

2021.12.08 12:26 lolninja Is this a reasonable watch system?

Hi sailors, newbie here just fresh off my first multi-day passage and genuinely interested in learning & improving.
Background: My friend has been living on and sailing his boat around the med for the last 3 years, and is now set on crossing the Atlantic. Most recently, I sailed with him from the Canary Islands to Cape Verde. The passage was 760NM and took us just under 6 days. We had ultra-reliable trade winds (20-35 kts) and 2-3m swell all the way. We set a goal of 5kts avg boat speed and reefed the sails for comfort. We ended up achieving 5.5 kts avg and only used the headsail all the way. At one point, we realised we hadn't altered course or touched the sails in 36hrs. We hand-steered a bit for fun, but relied on autopilot 99.9% of the way. We didn't see any other traffic besides one container ship on day 5, and we weren't near any shipping lanes.
By day we switched off radar to conserve battery, and just set a running alarm for 20mins to scan the horizon. Generally one of us was in the cockpit (not agreed upon, just because we wanted to be) or could poke their head out of the companionway for a quick scan.
By night, we started off with a 2hr on, 2hr off shifts in the cockpit, but somehow the idea of being awake and in the cold seemed pointless to us for a few reasons:

  1. If anything were to happen to the boat (e.g. wind change, something breaking) we'd notice and wake up instantly.
  2. The radar does a much better job of picking up other ships than we can ever hope to with our eyes, and we set a pretty loud alarm that would wake us if it saw something.
The boat was super rolly and loud, so one of us was up constantly anyway, although not necessarily in the cockpit. The skipper also set 30min alarms to check our boat/wind speed, and listen if anything was wrong (which he could all monitor from his phone), but was otherwise asleep. He said that was how he'd do it on a solo passage anyway.
The most compelling argument for cockpit-watch that I could think of, was that if something went wrong, one of us would already be dressed/harnessed up to deal with it right away, instead of putting on shoes and finding trousers etc. However if you sleep in your trousers in the saloon like one of us always did, and can slip on a jacket and shoes in 3 seconds, you haven't exactly lost much.
Were we too complacent with this watch "system"? I wasn't the skipper, but I also felt like we had everything under control with this informal arrangement. We felt safe and secure on the boat, and didn't feel like staying awake and being outside in the cockpit constantly would add any significant level of additional safety.
But I'm here to learn and would love to be schooled if you feel this is unreasonable or unsafe!
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2021.12.08 12:26 Hoontabagoonta Hey all! Why does “cycles render devices” option not exist for me in my blender system preferences?

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2021.12.08 12:26 Arialene Made a couple important additions: added the Alpine "A" and made sure Fernando had El Plan.

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2021.12.08 12:26 aleagio [codex inversus] the two moons

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2021.12.08 12:26 iNEEDheplreddit How do pick and choose enchantments for weapons?

I see all these post on here asking "what should I pick?" And I have no idea how the hell you select these. I see no option anywhere about manually selecting or choosing specific upgrades.
Have I been doing this game wrong? I'm level 135 and power level 181.
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2021.12.08 12:26 LuggageMoose Raven Queen warlock summoning pact weapon

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2021.12.08 12:26 AngelArmy34 Ya'll have seen the German Version. Now get ready for this.

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2021.12.08 12:26 iAmproject863 TRADING NFR FURY AND NFR SNOW OWL FOR ONE GOOD PET!

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2021.12.08 12:26 http_koo Beträchtliche Mengen an Schnee Nähe Böhmenkirch

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2021.12.08 12:26 Maerskian Hamlet Gonashvili - shenma survilma damlia

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2021.12.08 12:26 RolandGaemplaysYT les cae bien Gaspi?

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2021.12.08 12:26 JirohSalonga What do you genuinely think about cultural appropriation?

Ngl, never heard of the word until I started listening to KPop and this is probably one of the most used terms used in any critical discourse created to express dislike for an artist or an industry professional.
I still have mixed thoughts about this and while I feel like a lot of people are blowing things way out of proportion, there are instances that I think this “CA” really applies to that seems to be dismissed by a lot of people too.
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2021.12.08 12:26 RaggityIsTaken How to make an area unspawnable for iron golem?

I made an iron golem farm that worked fairly well, but occasionally the iron golems will spawn in a small area near the village outside the farm. I figured I've build the area alittle too close to the village. How do I make that small area unspawnable for iron golems without moving the whole farm?
Do I:
A) turn the surrounding grass into dirt paths
B) Put leave blocks around the path
C) Slab the area
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2021.12.08 12:26 AffordableCongress Meeting guys when sober

I decided to stop drinking all together and I don’t want to go out to a club and just drink club soda and lime and be around a bunch of guys who are wasted. Have any of you had success meeting guys while sober? Or gone to a club and been the only sober one?
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2021.12.08 12:26 petelozzi Hue + Play + Iron Maiden 🤘

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2021.12.08 12:26 sasha_sh NS/ Incision-free brain surgery uses the power of PING

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2021.12.08 12:26 Puzzleheaded_Cat_899 I've lost respect for professors and institutions

You know, none of us asked for this fucking pandemic.
It really sucks that we all have to worry about this stupid fucking virus, and that it's exposed a great amount of horrible flaws in the higher education system, but just as online formats can allow students who are dishonest be dishonest, it's also ripped the fucking carpet out from under honest students.
I'm sorry I'm one of 5 people that watched the videos you uploaded professor, but I am trying to honestly learn the material.
I'm sorry others are cheating, but that's on them.
But not only do the honest ones get less than half of the normal lectures - which, lets be honest, only do so much, but still better than nothing - but resources such as the help labs, that are best to access before or after class, are gone as well.
You're "office hours" are one sentence replies to emails.
So now I pay an institution to teach myself.
And now you mark our grades as if we are all cheating.
Sincerely lick my nutsack,
One angry student
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2021.12.08 12:26 Endoorson Little milestone that I wanted to share :)

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2021.12.08 12:26 Elephray woooow, really 😕🙄... okay thanks ig

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2021.12.08 12:26 dispatchdcu Hellions #18 Review: A Fantastic Ending

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2021.12.08 12:26 VulgarPotHead hmmmmmmmmmmm

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2021.12.08 12:26 drinkyourwater123 Feeling Frustrated

I woke up to a text from a guy friend of mine at 3 AM. It was a link to Something by The Beatles and all he put was “reminds me of you”. There’s no reason this should remind him of me because we never talk about the Beatles or this song. This friend has made subtle comments hinting that he has a crush on me over the last year or so to which I’d just blow off by responding something sarcastic or whatever because I’m not into him at all and he’s knows I’ve been in a relationship so I think there’d be that friendship boundary. This song is the most beautiful song ever and who wouldn’t want to wake up to someone randomly texting them that it reminds them of you???? I’m frustrated because my ex never did that and it sucks to know there might be someone else out there that would but that person still isn’t him. I’m sad. I’m sad that the moment I saw the text it instantly ruined my day because I know my ex never loved me enough to even think of doing something like that. Fuck.
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2021.12.08 12:26 lololol1162 Hijabi Tease

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2021.12.08 12:26 AyeCheesy Hi i need help to know if i should keep going

My gf (17f) and i (16m) are going through a lot right now. In the beginning of the relationship i told her that we wouldn’t take any breaks because breaks lead to more problems down the road. Well recently i think she successfully manipulated me into going into a break. She kept saying “ if we don’t take a break i don’t want to be together anymore “ shit along the lines of that. So of course me being in love i said okay. I stayed loyal the whole break not texting any females not unblocking any ex’s nothing. Come to find out she already unblocked her ex and started talking to dudes not even 2 days after. When i called her out on it she said “ Dude we’re not even together it doesn’t matter you’re sick in the head “ she told me to leave her alone. I then left her alone for a week and i get a message from her asking if we can talk and get back together. But mind she said we were done so i already moved on and had other females in my phone. I told her that and she said well drop them so i did. The first day we got back together was cool i did learn tho that she was texting a lot of dudes. But then her attitude started to change. She starts acting distant and barely texts me. Doesn’t reassure me nothing. Then she gets mad when i overthink and ask her simple questions like where she was at. A couple days ago she went to her “ best friends house “ btw i know where her best friend lives but i gave her the benefit of the doubt when i saw her location somewhere else. 2 Days ago she said that her aunt who lives in another state is coming out to visit but for only one night. I said okay that’s cool and she told me they were going out to eat. When she says they got done eating i check her location and she’s at the house she was at when she said she was with her best friend. When i asked her about it she said why do you treat me like a little girl? I said what do you mean and she went quiet. Plus she’s been rushing to get off the phone recently and when i ask her for what she says “ i have yo do something “ before she would literally never hang up the phone and if she did it had to be the best reason in the world. I told her i’m trying to make relationship good again but she says it’s never going to go back to how it was. And i know the reason it’s because she isn’t trying she’s making it harder to put up with and it’s constantly draining me. What do you guys think?
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2021.12.08 12:26 kenflowerbrock Futures Referral Id Binance

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