The Last Strike (Creep)

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2021.12.06 11:38 el_topos The Last Strike (Creep)

The Last Strike (Creep)
Creeps find happiness in the small things. They have too. Delighting in the melody of buzzy blue corpse flies, the circling shade of vultures, the bounce and squelch of spongy dirt drenched in warm blood. A brutal battle. Surviving the long odds. Quickly followed by the Fallen Feast.
All the freshly dead meat. Piles upon piles of meat. As far as short-sighted creep could see. A red harvest. Fallen friends and fallen foes joined together on the menu.
Yet, a creep did not partake of the Feast.
It was unthinkable. Against his very nature. And his directive.
The silent sun high in the sky reminding him since he last fed. Stomach bellows with empty starvation, as stomachs wont do when denied. Grumbling at the deprivation, promising to consume regardless.
Yet, Molok did not eat.
Molok was the 3rd Melee Creep of the 324th Dire Brigade in the Grand Wave of the Southern Lane. Taller than a man, even though crudely bent and shrunken with disjointed bony spikes exiting his spine. His leather tough skin a tapestries of fresh scars. A mindless fire ant when viewed from above. Nonetheless, a veteran of countless battles. His bone mask freshly lacquered red. A true warrior; a true believer. So he too believes.
Standing statue still. Staring into himself. Clear unfocused.
Molok's ears twitch. Suddenly, the sounds of fellow creeps feasting turn deafening. Highlighted and latched into his mind. Slurps into stereo, burps with resounding bass, wets smacks of delight. Molok's three-clawed hand clutches at his chest to prevent the heaving. Breathe short, his vision stars.
A fellow creep sees his unease.
"Eat." barks his fellow creep. Barks and offers a most-prized piece. A severed head, unspoiled. Intact with eyes so sweet and brain like crème. Adding a gentle reminder for the sin, "For the Dire."
Yet, still, Molok did not eat.
Breaking his own ignoble line. A continuous genetic subservience reaching back to the very first iteration, precursor, proto-warstock of the Holy Dire Tide.
The Dire creep is a remarkable obscenity in a universe aligned with suffering. Engines of sweat and blood. Manufactured in the hollowed depths. Subterrean lairs upon lairs, laboriously pumping out the economically perfected unit of war. Casted into molds then conditioned. Cult of the Creep drilling its dogma. Defend the Dire. Defend the Light. Thousands of waves and thousands of batches. Cutting and pruning generational traits leaving only hunger. Insatiable hunger. A wild gnawing undeniable power.
"Eat!" His fellow creep yelps out in confusion quickly rising to fear. Forcing a severed creep head closer. A familiar face to Molok. A face memorable for how much of it was missing, scarred, and mangled. Odd, how it still smiles. "EAT!---or be Damned."
Damn Molok did not eat.
Visions of joining the Eternal Wave dashed upon jagged rocks. Suffering eternity on the Burning Shores. Shadows and echoes his only companions. Forever chasing the receding Holy Dire Tide. A lone soul.
"Oksha." finally, said Molok. Gesturing to the proffered severed creep head. "It is Oksha."
Molok knew but did not see. Death turns all into meat, it is known to creeps. However, Oksha's body never turned into meat. It remained Oksha. It stayed his brother. Molok claws at his temples attempting to scratch out the confusion.
The end of celebrating rippled outward as the survivors of the 324th Dire Brigade paused. A silence charges the air, tingling all ears. Molok pauses as well. Pauses only to feel the weight of the grave yellow eyes watching him. Creepy eyes glazed with remote vacancy at the sacrilege.
Bodies press closer, breathing synchronizes. In a single voice they intone the strongest command. Their will be done...or else.
"Eat for the Wave!" chants his cannibal comrades. In drumming unison, "Eat for the Dire!"
Though all creeps were Brothers. Oksha was a special creep. Even the Overlords agreed. To disrespect, to deny the sacrifice, to waste good meat. It all was too much for such simple creeps. Upping in tempo and forming one hungry mouth, one engulfing wave. The spirit rose until it broke into the physical. Spits and curses rained down. Then a tempest of stones and skulls. Molok accepted the blows and was broken. But, still, he refused to eat.
"It is Oksha." Repeated as prayer. Alight from within. A divine revelation trapped in his mind. His skull cracks under a well aimed throw. Fumbling, he still intones, "It is Oksha."
Anger at the insult folded into his heresy. The mob frenzy fevered into a pitch. The press of bodies closed in. Shrieks and howls as they fought for the privilege to tear into Molok. To consume the dishonor. Swallowing up Molok in a chaotic mass.
As the claws tore his flesh and howls rendered his ears. Molok insisted with his last breathe, "It is Oksha."
"What is the meaning of this?" commanded a higher authority a voice booming and dictatorial.
The Hero came. A Hero bathed in the dire-light. A dazzling display so dazzling that creep must look away from. Dire-light far too bright. Too bright and too good for base creeps. Supplication replaces fury. Violence postponed for the Hero. Priorities.
"What is the meaning of this?" repeats the Hero.
"Creep wont eat." A hoarse multi-voice tolls out condemnation their mouths filled with froth and foam.
The Glorious Hero grabs the severed creep head and throws to the feet of Molok. With beauty and grace he draws his sword. The beautiful blade with a bloodied edge. Careless.
Molok shudders at the blade yet he cannot look away. It was the blade. The blade that denied Oksha. Ending his brother and his faith.
"Eat creep." demands the Hero awash in the holy light. The magical empowered voice vibrates "EAT THE MEAT!"
Molok fell to his knees and pleads, "It is Oksha." Taking hold of his friend's head. The world spun faster and faster. His sobbing shoulders give way. To laughter. He laughs, loud and boisterous like a war cry, he laughs. Laughing through and through. As if to stop was to die.
"I dont have time for this," lamented the Noble Hero. "You think other heroes are nursing useless creep waves to their deaths. I am wasted, while I waste my skill on you fucking lemmings. Dire damned cannibal creeps."
The creeps heard. And tried to listen. Trying to find the command. Some were stunned, some were even shamed. A ugliness tarring the glory and beauty of the dire light. Puzzling and troubling, they look to each other. None answer the other.
"I claim this creep to be in the thralls of Denial." deigned the Gracious Hero. Sensing danger and falling into formality, "By the Stonehall Cartularium. I shall prevent the death bounty of this creep to the enemy."
Brutal efficiency of war-math ended Molok's laughter. Molok wiped the wrested tears and saw the end was clear.
He rotates the head to look upon his friend. Wiping away the dirt from the mask around the closed eyes. Eyes that slid open. Eyes like shiny golden buttons search and fall onto Molok.
The severed head begins to speak in the voice deeper than reality. Clear and true.
"You remember. You witness. You see." said the head, breathlessly. "What the hero did to me."
"Oksha, it is you!" Molok smiles and eagerly nods. Eyes widen and the moment transcends. A nimbus of sanity floats away. This mad little world left little reason to betray a talking head. Complicity falling into conspiracy.
Molok, 3rd Melee of the 324th Dire Brigade in the Grand Army of the Southern Lane, did the unbelievable. He screams and charges off his knees. Holding the head high to see.
And so the head of Oksha did see a Holy Hero bleed.
The Hero stupefied, refused to believe. As the clawed nails crawled through his gut; searching deeper for that pure heart. Killed by a creep. The last image his eyes transmits if one of lowly hideous creature holding a head, both smiling and eyes shining.
The smiles of Molok and Oksha quickly evaporate as the legends proves true. Balls of dire light began to swirl around the Sacred Hero's body. Consuming and digesting. As the body dissolves, the orbs of lightning shift form. Flashing into arrows of light, they beam up into the blue domed sky. Retrieved to be reborn. Respawning for revenge.
"We must flee!" cried the head of Oksha with a fear that one would think not exist for a severed head. "He will return. Heroes never die. Flee you fool!"
Grabbing his head, Molok ran. In fear but free.
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2021.12.06 11:38 nervouslibra Just got a septum piercing! I've never had a facial piercing before and just want to make sure the placement is good and not uneven/crooked. Thanks for any feedback, sorry for the awkward photos lol

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2021.12.06 11:38 Crypto_Family CFC Liquidity Pair

CFC Crypto Family Coin is aimed at being a fully decentralized crypto, and as such it will be available on DEX's first.
We've been thinking of what might be most suitable as a liquidity pair for CFC across all the blockchains it will be on.
We have taken much into consideration, we have thought about making the liquidity of CFC in a trusted stable coin such as DAI that would be bridged to all blockchains using the CF Bridge and used as liquidity pair for CFC, but this would make CFC subject to decrease in value due to USD inflation, but at the same time make its own separate market.
We have thought about making the liquidity of CFC in a strong crypto asset such as BTC, ETH, MATIC and others, but this would make CFC subject to change accordingly to other cryptos both positively and negatively.
In both cases there is much to take into consideration, so we want your opinion on what would be best for the future.
Submit your vote on our twitter for which you think is best for the future. About the CFC project.
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2021.12.06 11:38 blueberrychampagne Question on Zoloft

I’ve been taking Zoloft for a year - around bedtime (midnight) and get up at 8am for work. Recently I’ve been feeling so dizzy the next morning. Like I’m still in a dream and not actually here.
Because of it, I get anxious when standing at work; especially if I’m caught listening to a long story and there’s nowhere for me to sit and I can’t leave.
What is going on?
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2021.12.06 11:38 Zulrambe I... don't get it

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2021.12.06 11:38 Brief_Sorbet_5830 How may I start conversation with my tutor?

Once I could talk to him a bit. But it was kinda by accident and he told me about his divorce, something about education stuff. I had a chance to start talking to him today but I just said bye. His tutoring ends in a week. So I'll see him only 3 times now
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2021.12.06 11:38 SwipeIt1 Copywriting/market positioning for saturated niche?

Hi there,
I own a small web design and seo company and I am looking to expand my business through outreach.
I have some cold emailing experiecne and it showed that its very hard to breakthrough in a saturated niche with a generic offer.
So I started Todd Browns copywriting course and just in the beginning he said something like: The better your offer is the less your content matters.
I don't want shitty content but I want content that works of course so I decided to look at my offer.
And I don't have anything special to offer that will catch peoples interest with a cold email.
We are very dedicated to our customers. We're always picking up our phones and our service works.
But other than that its SEO. There's nothing special that we can offer that others don't so how would I create a cold email that will catch peoples interest?
There are so many people already doing cold outreach for SEO I dont know how we can compete.
So all in all my general question is how do you deal with a saturated niche?
Is there a course I can take on market research to find niches that aren't as saturated?
Would appreciate any help.
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2021.12.06 11:38 Upper_Energy_7255 Check my NFT art work out🔥🔥🔥🔥 just made it

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2021.12.06 11:38 AmericanBornWuhaner 中國青年黨 Young China Party: "Agree on all 4, democracy will prevail. Restart 4th Nuclear Power Plant, oppose ractopamine pork imports, hold referendums alongside general elections, protect algal reefs. Come out to vote December 18!"

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2021.12.06 11:38 6usa Gymshark Tanktop

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2021.12.06 11:38 Veretica Setting up for a big weaving for my final project! It's the largest I've ever done before so wish me luck! :)

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2021.12.06 11:38 chiko930 Eurotunnel - has anyone crossed from UK to France with dogs?

Can anyone share their experiences? I have 3 reactive dogs so travelling with them is going to be a nightmare if we see other dogs. I know the basics and everything that's on the website etc but I'm hoping to know exactly what happens, specifically:
- Are there lots of dogs around the pet reception area?
- Can I take them in one by one or does everyone travelling need to be present?
- What happens in Calais? Are there more checks or do we just drive through to France once out of the tunnel?
Thanks :)
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2021.12.06 11:38 necis1234 Terraforming in minecraft survival mode (java)

Would anyone be interested in terraforming one of the giant dripstone caves into a habitable plave with grass, farms, animals and villagers? Please dm me if you are!
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2021.12.06 11:38 Altruistic_Dust_9596 Can you please review my devlogs? What can I improve?

I’ve been doing devlogs on YouTube for over a month now, but I’m not sure what I can improve about them. Could any of you review them? (Channel:
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2021.12.06 11:38 youtuber00 BOMBI O PASSI: LE RAGAZZE DEL COLLEGIO!

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2021.12.06 11:38 Maleficent_Source_74 Pablo and Gustavo in Copa Renault 4.

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2021.12.06 11:38 YOW-Weather-Records 🥇With 15.6mm of rain, yesterday was Toronto-Pearson's wettest Dec 5th since records began in 1937.

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2021.12.06 11:38 TopHolders FREE NFT!! UPVOTE and join DISCORD and drop WALLET ADDRESS in Comments || Links in Profile

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2021.12.06 11:38 Silent-Cold-Wind Old wood

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2021.12.06 11:38 cmcced Show/Hide fields within an xhtml2pdf pdf document

I generate a document using xhtml2pdf using the code below:
def render_to_pdf(template_src, context_dict={}): template = get_template(template_src) html = template.render(context_dict) result = BytesIO() pdf = pisa.pisaDocument(BytesIO(html.encode("ISO-8859-1")), result) if not pdf.err: return HttpResponse(result.getvalue(), content_type='application/pdf') return None
class PdfView(View): def get(self, request, pk, *args, **kwargs): getdata = Model.objects.get(id=pk) data = { "data1": getdata.data1,
"data2": getdata.data2,
"data3": getdata.data3, } pdf = render_to_pdf('document.html', data) return HttpResponse(pdf, content_type='application/pdf')
The document is the created from a template, document.html, and within this html file I would like to run some JavaScript, to show / hide certain fields, however the JavaScript doesn't seem to run and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks.
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2021.12.06 11:38 s3zle Why was the little bug confused?

Because his uncle was an ant
This is a wholesome joke
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2021.12.06 11:38 iamsnax Catching Aerodactyl

Hello guys, I would say I can handle Pokeball throwing very well.
I play since 2016, landing nearly every curve ball with excellent without thinking about it.. But I really have my problems catching Aerodactyl. I need 10+ balls in order to hit him. Getting an excellent throw here seems like a dream.. What do I do wrong? Got any tips? Is it probably a bug?
Cheers from Germany
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2021.12.06 11:38 strappychoco Board Exam

Naiistress na ako sa bahay.
3 months lang natira para makapag review ako for the boards dahil inalagahan ko pa yung kapatid kong na aksidente.
Growing up, ako talaga naging utusan - gawaing bahay, errands, and taga hatid sundo. Habang tong 2 eldest kong babae na kapatid wala lang. Di ko alam kung ba't ganito yung ginawang upbringing ng parents ko sa amin.
Ineexpect ko na ngayon sanang mag eexam ako - sila na muna bahala sa mga ibang gawain. Pero hindi
Nagbabasa ako tapos biglang may mga mag uutos, magpapasundo, magpapa errands.
Gusto kong umalis, pero wala namang budget shet. Isang buwan nalang exam na, marami pa akong subject na hindi natapos... sana naman pumasa na't makapag luwas at makapagsimula na rin ako ng sarili kong buhay.
PS. Di namin kasama parents namin sa bahay.
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2021.12.06 11:38 petitettincelle Tips for growing your hair long

Any golden tips for growing back your hair as long as possible? Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!
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2021.12.06 11:38 ilomatic Wie geht das, dass der Preis ohne Volumen nach unten geht?
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