Drawing & Painting are easy to learn!

2021.12.08 13:45 2Botter2Loop Drawing & Painting are easy to learn!

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2021.12.08 13:45 Exleona [PC][Steam][2010 - 2016] Dark Fantasy Medieval Multiplayer Town-Builder where you and several players try your best to build up and defend a town from monsters

Platform(s): Steam.
Genre: Dark Fantasy(?), base-building, multiplayer, medieval, survival.
Estimated year of release: 2010 - 2016.
Graphics/art style: Dark fantasy, gritty, kinda looked like runescape. Medieval town in a forest.
Notable characters: Every 'townsperson' is a player. Players can have different professions like guard, woodcutter, etc. Various fantasy monsters like goblins. Everyone had skills.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Everyone has an energy meter- you deplete energy by moving around the map, building constructions, chopping wood, etc. The map was split into tiles where you can only see what is on your tile. Day and night cycle where "day" was most of the gameplay. If the town built a watchtower, everyone could see an estimated strength of what that night's monster attack would be. When "night" came, everyone would get a text summary of how the defenses of the town did against the monster attack and "day" would begin anew quickly. If you were outside of the town when "night" came, there was a chance you would be detected and insta-killed by roaming monsters. Being 'detected' was determined by complete random chance with factors such as being in a forested tile, having a lit campfire, etc.
Other details: Various people (maybe YouTubers or steam reviews) complained about griefers taking resources from the town and then spending all their movement running multiple tiles away only to get killed by monsters.
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2021.12.08 13:45 LafffingMan Gotta Cat'chum All!

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2021.12.08 13:45 Any_Life4321 Interested?

If I made a fambase page to leak pics or content who'd be interested?
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2021.12.08 13:45 TasteOfJace Benelli Ethos 12ga w/SilencerCo Salvo hanging out in the Utah desert.

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2021.12.08 13:45 noliahkyna awakening players when chrom doesn't marry the unit they want in chapter 11

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2021.12.08 13:45 Ruefolk_da_Vinci Something I wrote for myself

What you want is a nice and relaxed week. To achieve this, it depends on you being positive. About being caring, not only towards the other(s), but maybe even more importantly, towards yourself. Your weaknesses are actually your strength. And all you think and feel is just what it is. It is you. Strong, weak, happy, sad, joyfull, angry, upset, dissapointed. It does not matter as long as it is you. You can try to explain how you feel and why, but it is not yours to control what the other person does with it. If they get angry, let them be angry. If they ignore, let them ignore. If they go along with that feeling and hate it, let them hate it. It is not you, it is all on them. You only control your inner self, and even that only to a certain point. Dont over-analyse the situation. Be the situation. You can either be a stiff branch that will break in the storm, or be a young twig, that bends and then gets upright again, no matter how hard the wind blows.
You have a right to be. Simply because it is the only thing that is real. What is being ? Being is what you are, a simple and at the same time a complex human. Nothing more, nothing less. In the deepest level you dont have free will, but you can make do with just enjoying the upper level perceivement of free will.
What is making you feel sad? What is making you angry, or annoyed? Are those things really worth getting upset about ? Is it not better to just let the dice fall where and how they may ? You are strong and flexible. You have overcome so much already. Shit things happen, good things happen. Some you have control over, most you dont.
And what makes you sad, upset, or what you simply don't like at that moment, might change in the future. You can try your hardest not to feel that way, but why would you? That feeling is there now, and the harder you fight it, the stronger it becomes. Let it stay there, accept it, act on it. Listen to your feelings, and acknowledge them. An maybe in time it will change. If it doesn't, i simpy doesn't. If it does, it does. Both are just as fine.
What is making you happy? What makes your heart feel light and your soul filled with joy? It is being you, all of you. No pretentions, no faking. You are either happy about something or you aren't. There is not much choosing in this matter. Approach life from a perspective of joy. You have very little time, and every day, every hour, every minute feeling down or upset, or any of the negatives, is a waste. Why would you do that?
But these views are equally valid. And the trick is to balance them. No person ever is happy or sad all the time. In the grand scheme of things there has to be balance, Ying and Yang, Chaos and Order, or whatever you call it.
So go out and live. Ultimately it is you who is responsible for your life. And the choices you make to achieve this should be the only thing on your mind. If someone decides they dont like you anymore and dont feel okay with being with you, let them. It just means they made a different choice, and couldnt see what you were, or worse, they could see, but choose to ignore it. That is the point you make the concious decission to go out and look elsewhere. Many fishes in the sea, and some of them will see what you are, and will do anything to be with you. And that in turns makes you feeling the same about them.
No more of this trying, this being what you arent. No more pleasing, no more keeping quiet. If you express your true self, and it is not good enough for them? By all means, leave.
Enjoy your week. For it is yours, and yours alone.
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2021.12.08 13:45 larrytheliquidator Best rental sites?

Can anyone recommend the best site to find reasonably priced rentals? I have a little kiddo on the way and need to find a place fast. The more I look the more im disheartened by the state of the rental market and what’s available for insane prices. My girlfriend is moving back up North to live with her folks while I’m here in Dublin trying to find a spot to live. I’m keeping tabs on cost rental but there doesn’t seem to be much to be optimistic about. Would appreciate all suggestions
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2021.12.08 13:45 afghanews ابراز نگرانی رهبر طالبان از وضعیت پناهجویان افغان

آریانانیوز: رهبر طالبان در پیامی به والیان ولایات دستور داده که با افرادی که در تلاش ترک وطن استند دیدارهای مستقیم داشته باشند…
ملاهبت الله آخند زاده رهبر طالبان در پیامی به والیان ولایات گفته که به همکاری علما کرام با افراد که در تلاش ترک وطن استند دیدار‌های مستقیم داشته و مشکلات آنها‌را بشنوند.
ذبیح الله مجاهد سخنگوی امارت اسلامی با نشر این پیام در صفحه تویترش نوشته افغان‌های که خواهان ترک وطن استند در مسیر و کمپ‌ها با حالات بدی مواجه می‌شوند که سبب ناراحتی هر افغان می‌شود.
ملا هبت الله آخند زاده در این پیام گفته: آن‌عده افغان‌های که به بهانه مشکلات سیاسی یا اقتصادی تلاش به ترک کشور دارند و برخی‌ها می‌خواهند با اطفال خورد‌سال و خانم‌ها به کشورهای غربی بروند، که سپس در آن جا به دلایل مختلف با بعضی مسائل امنیتی، اخلاقی و دیگر مشکلات بشری مواجه می‌شوند.
رهبر طالبان مواجه شدن مهاجرین را با حالات بد در مسیر راه‌ها و کمپ‌ها، به خطر افتادن عقاید و ارزش‌های معنوی آنها دربرنامه‌های مغرضانه، مجبور شدن به تهیه اسناد جعلی و زدن تهمت علیه اسلام و نظام اسلامی و تحقیر شدن آنها درکار‌های عادی را از مشکلات عمده کسانیکه خوانده که خواهان ترک وطن استند.
ملا هبت الله آخند زاده به والیان ولایات دستور داده که با همکاری مسوولان ذیربط و علمای کرام با آن‌ها دیدارهای مستقیم داشته باشند، مشکلات شان را بشنود و برای یافتن راه‌‌های‌حل آن‌ها را کمک نمایند.
او تاکید کرده که والیان ولایات تلاش‌های خود را برای تدابیر بیشتر امنیتی دوام بدهند، تا کسی فرصت ارعاب و ترسانیدن دیگران را نداشته باشند و خصوصا هیچ‌کسی در برابر خدمات و فعالیت‌های تاجران، کسبه‌کاران، و متخصصین موانع ایجاد نتواند.
این گفته‌ها درحالی مطرح می‌شود که با تحولات اخیر سیاسی و نظامی حدود چهار ماه قبل در افغانستان که منجر به سقوط حکومت پیشین و تسلط طالبان بر کشور شد موج عظیم از مهاجرت‌ها به کشور‌های همسایه و غربی از افغانستان آغاز شده اند.
دو روز قبل کشور‌های غربی با نشر اعلامیه‌ای مشترک گفته اند: ما نگرانی عمیق خود را از بابت کشتن بدون محاکمه و ناپدید کردن نیروهای امنیتی حکومت پیشین افغانستان که توسط دیدبان حقوق بشر و نهادهای دیگر گزارش داده شده، ابراز می‌داریم.
درروند تخلیه نظامی و ملکی از میدان هوایی کابل در سه ماه گذشته نزدیک به 130 هزار افغان و اتباع خارجی از افغانستان خارج شدند.
from ابراز نگرانی رهبر طالبان از وضعیت پناهجویان افغان
via اخبار افغانستان
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2021.12.08 13:45 vnessxa never wants to talk to me again, ignoring my texts and accusing me of crazy things but yet won't block me despite me giving him the option to

We spent a year together and during that year I done absolutely everything with little to no appreciation in return. Each month he would break up with me over small things and then he would be nasty whilst I was upset. He would rather ignore me and refuse to talk during arguments. Or he would just turn plain nasty and start accusing me of cheating or being untrustworthy, or crazy. Each week I would travel 2hrs to him on public transport and cook all weekend for him, I'd bring baked brownies and cakes and also clean his whole apartment. There was times he criticised my cooking/cleaning or purposely said things to upset me. Then when I got upset he would end things with me. But there was also times he was so affectionate and I’d never had a connection with someone like that. So that’s what is hard to let go of
Things got slightly better and we moved in together in March. it was very sudden and straight away he regret it. We argued 4 weeks in and he tried to get me to hand my notice into our landlord (12 month lease). I refused and he called our agent to say I was abusive and unsafe to be around. I'd never laid a finger on him, or been verbally abusive. I spent all my time making sure he was ok so I was shocked he had done this. He also found my sister and cousin on social media and messaged them over 40 times to tell them how awful/crazy I was. He moved out for about 4 days and then came back and begged me for sex and to get back together. A month later he ended it again, over a petty thing. However this time he was saying awful things such as being with me made him want to self harm, that he needed to leave the tenancy for his mental health. I tried comforting him during an argument and he went crazy and said I'd sexually harassed him, assaulted him and that I was mad; because I touched his arm. He then recorded me and said he would show it to our landlord to 'prove what I was like'. In this video I was crying and begging him to stop acting this way. Due to the allegations the month before and him telling our landlord I was abusive, I didn't want to risk any more allegations against me so I called UK 101 for advice to see if there's anything I could do to protect myself in terms of him recording and sending the video on. They heard him shouting and sent 2 officers. The officers forced him to leave. No charges were made and I did not speak badly of him. I just wanted the video gone.
Since then he has been convinced I tried to 'ruin his life' and get him into trouble; when it was the opposite. If anything I was getting myself into trouble as I was honest and told them he had said I'd assaulted him and sexually harassed him. I was also worried about the self harm statement and that if something were to happen that people would blame me, because he was claiming things against me. He moved out; refused to talk to me for weeks. Then said we could be fwb. He then said I was trying to trap him with pregnancy (I have an IUD) So he stopped. Told me I was unsafe so didn't want to see me ever again or speak. Blocked me for weeks and was so nasty. Then a month later came back and acted normal requesting me to cook for him and then fwb restarted. This went on for the past 4 months and I thought things were getting better. I was cooking, looking after him, buying him takeout at his request, he was wanting to record sex. However we both moved back to our parents 2 months ago and since then he keeps saying let's stop and that he can never trust me or forgive me for the police thing. He says this and then comes back again and we see eachother and he is absolutely fine. 1 week ago he said he is definitely done, can't believe what I done and never ever wants to talk to me again or see me again. I was shocked and upset. I then found him on Hinge so it made sense. I messaged quite a lot and was upset and couldn't believe he had happily let me pay for things, wanted to record sex etc whilst knowing he 'could never forgive me'. He then said for me to leave him alone forever and not come back. I told him if he feels that way then just block me so he stops telling me I'm harassing him. But he will not block me.. he just ignores my messages.
I haven't messaged for 3 days now and haven't heard anything from him. I'm confused and hurt and don't really know what to do. As I do miss him
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2021.12.08 13:45 tommyrockyhorror Why does banding sometimes not work?

Hi I’m in the process of three step banding, just got back from #2. It’s seems the first one didn’t work but according to the doctor, nothing to worry about right now. I’ve read though sometimes banding doesn’t work.
I’m just curious if anyone knows reasons why sometimes banding is unsuccessful? Genetics? “Toughness” of the hemorrhoid? “Age” of the hemorrhoid? Bad luck?
I can’t seem to find any good explanation online. Thanks friends.
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2021.12.08 13:45 cut_n_paste_n_draw Trouble finding reputable breeder

Hi, I read the subreddit top post and it said that if we are still having trouble finding a breeder we can post. I live in Erie, PA so I need someone who can fly the kitty here. All the ones I found ended up being scams. Once I start asking questions they ghost me.
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2021.12.08 13:45 cheesymoonshadow Here's the cat that the ball of hair came from in my previous post. Plus more plants!

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2021.12.08 13:45 livhayezsz wanted to share my cover of Video Games :D hope u all like it & have a great day! ♥️

wanted to share my cover of Video Games :D hope u all like it & have a great day! ♥️ submitted by livhayezsz to lanadelrey [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 13:45 an-idiot6969 Monday left me broken

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2021.12.08 13:45 FlimsyTax Updated DIY Wireless N64 Controller - in action

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2021.12.08 13:45 Vegeta6661 FREESTYLE TYPE BEAT TRAP

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2021.12.08 13:45 Excellent-Durian-509 Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer #1 out today- anyone else read it?

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2021.12.08 13:45 Itchy_Arm_1134 Invisible Meals

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2021.12.08 13:45 CESBible Device-to-device Connections in a 5G World Need a 5G Connector

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2021.12.08 13:45 29dakke60 Someone at Jagex does not want me to complete Morytania elite...

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2021.12.08 13:45 Prestigious_Year_311 💎 EverTron 💎 | 7% Tron Rewards | EverVerse Ecosystem in Development| Marketing Starts now | Low MC Gem | Massive Rewards

EverTrons’s primary goal is to make it simple enough for everyone to be able to start earning passive income without having to understand this complicated DeFi world.
We are in developement of a whole reward ecosystem that is clean, clear and simple to use.
It will revolutionize the DeFi space and foster adoption of crypto in a safe & secure rewarding way.
💥 Dashboard in Development
💥 10% Tron Rewards
💥 Staking in development
💥 Low MC Gem
💥Reward Ecosystem
💥24/7 support -Devs/Mods
💎 7% Tron Rewards
💎 1% AUTO LP !
💎 2% Marketing !
💎SAFE - 100% LP Tokens are locked for 24 months!
Q4 2021
• Launch Dashboard
• Listing CG & CMC
• Influencer Marketing
• Complete Audit
• Launch own Swap
Q1 2022
• Launch Dashboard update with staking platform
• Launch third token for the reward ecosystem
• Development of Metaverse starts
• Launch fourth token for the reward ecosystem
Q2 2022
• Launch fifth token for reward ecosystem
• Metaverse test phase starts
• …. More Updates coming soon.
Contract: 0x96a03e58c04e079846994d23d7ba48a195a7fc36
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x96a03e58c04e079846994d23d7ba48a195a7fc36
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xA523D7018926b9A73269bD79AD321E35B94742EB
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x96a03e58c04e079846994d23d7ba48a195a7fc36#readContract
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2021.12.08 13:45 tdawgonamission Everything I bought is gray, is it too much?

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2021.12.08 13:45 masterofmys7icarts What's your go to comeback punch after getting trash talked which instantly shuts the trashers mouth?

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2021.12.08 13:45 Sahri4feedin In Korean server, Ahri birthday bundle is 3480 RP. But if you own Ahri and all her skins, you can get bday chromas for 1 RP each

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