How to keep the nuero-curcuitry functioning at peak levels and why it's important

2021.12.06 12:41 D_bake How to keep the nuero-curcuitry functioning at peak levels and why it's important

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2021.12.06 12:41 TourtsWrioutch Just Launched Son Of Cheems $SOC | already 10x | Potential 100x | CG and CMC listing soon | Time to the moon

🐶SON OF CHEEMS || $SOC🐶 🐶 Son Of Cheems is project created from the idea of a crypto-loving community and is sponsored by many large investment funds, on the day of the pancakeswap list we will fly to the moon is certain because there is a plan and a success. ✅ GROWING COMMUNITY ✅ LOCKED LIQUIDITY AFTER LAUNCH ✅ CONTRACT VERIFIED! ✅ NO TEAM TOKEN ✅ RENOUNCED 🐶 TOKENOMICS 🐶 SUPPLY : 69,000,000,000,000 LP LOCKED : 100% TAX : 13% MARKETING : 2% ADD LP : 5% BACK TO HOLDERS : 6% ▶️ Coingecko ▶️ CoinMarketCap ▶️ YouTubeTwitteTikTok Promo ▶️ Social Media ads + Marketing ▶️ Press release / articles ▶️ Big Influencers ✅ Smart Contract : 🥞 PancakeSwap : LP Locked : Ownership Renounced :
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2021.12.06 12:41 ViolinistOk7898 W** RICHARD😳 That’s the Shinji maximum power?

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2021.12.06 12:41 alexellisuk Deploy All The Things Even If They Aren’t YAML

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2021.12.06 12:41 No-One-2626 Question about spray-in liner for Hybrid XLT

Hey guys,
So my wife and I placed out order for a Hybrid XLT with a spray-in liner and hard-roll cover on 8/19 (priority code 2). We have been able to make it work with one car for the time being (2001 Honda Accord with 155k miles lol) because I have been working remote but with things opening up it looks like I'll be on the road a decent bit in 2022. I think we really need to have a second car by feb / march at the latest and I am willing to remove add-ons if that may expedite the process.
Any insights on if either of our add-ons may be delaying our build? I know the hybrids will take longer regardless, but if these add-ons are we'd be willing to remove them.

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2021.12.06 12:41 xSnowFallx [Haiku] Tall Bowl

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2021.12.06 12:41 lcsmm4 Is this AUL? No this is Patrick.

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2021.12.06 12:41 PbSeelight Is there any information about whether there will be a new stock of POK (eng edition ) available in Europa and if so, is there a date?

Pretty much the titel!
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2021.12.06 12:41 ManWhoCanXD *Starts raping*

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2021.12.06 12:41 soulesstruths We drinking, we smoking come join us and make new friends! See comment for the way in!

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2021.12.06 12:41 Gabon-Craftor29 DreamSmp Doomsday animation

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2021.12.06 12:41 Main_Ad4924 Adults Realm - Updated to 1.18 - LF A Few More Players To Join Us

Hey there !
I have an Adults realm with space for new players. We are all 30+ minus 1 person. Ideally we are looking for more UK based players, but everyone is welcome to apply. If sending a DM could you please state your age and country, would really appreciate it
Everyone is rly lovely and chilled. We have a roughly 50/50 of male and female players. We have a bit of a unique style as we plan our builds as a group and then implement them. We also stick to a 2500 radius increasing to 4000 on the 30th of Nov. We also build our world with a story in mind. This I can share with you. Our biggest thing is simply we work as a group on a project and finish it before any new big projects. We discuss in discord and share ideas and thoughts till we have the perfect design and or location Our seed is brilliant and our main home hub is on a mooshroom island 200 blocks or less from spawn. We also have communal item system. We avoid personal stashes as much as possible. ( it just creates bottlenecks and as our playstyle is group, solo item stashes are pointless )
If heavy discussion and group decisions is something you don't like to be involved with this isn't the right realm for you.
Our main aim is to have a truly beautiful world that has synergy, flow and a duality with the story of the world. We don't roll play, it's mostly to give our builds and world more meaning and value
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2021.12.06 12:41 westonsammy TWWH Fans after trying the "Don't Whine For 30 Minutes Without News Challenge" [IMPOSSIBLE]

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2021.12.06 12:41 arsalankhan994 Unit Testing Android’s Room Database | Erselan Khan

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2021.12.06 12:41 tonoster Need help with a Kenrith politics deck

Hi everyone, for this christmas I am trying to make a [[Kenrith, the returned king]] deck for my dad. He really likes everything to do with politics and just general fun stuff (not really sure how to explain this) such as the vote cards [[Ballot Broker]] [[Grudge Keeper]] [[Council's judgment]] etc.
I have a decklist already, but I'm worried it might not be able to hang with some of our other decks due to the lack of finishers and I'm not really sure how strong this deck will be. He doesn't like infinite mana combos.
Budget isn't an issue because I will be proxying this deck so I have it ready for christmas. We don't play with true duals, mana crypt, mana vault and the likes. Most of the combos in our decks are a little janky and hard to assemble.
I have the willbreaker combo to steal creatures, I could probably use a board wipe or two. I'm mainly looking for finishers though and maybe some more card draw. Not really sure what to cut for that though. I;d like to keep most of but not all the vote/collective voyage/tempting offer cards but I could see a reason to cut some of them
Cards that look cuttable to me:
[[Kambal, consul of allocation]] looks fun but might not be effective enough.
[[Rootweaver druid]] could miss completely if no one searches for basic lands.
I might also be able to cut some removal, as I feel it might be a bit too much. I would like to keep [[Volcanic offering]] as it's both fun and a good card.
Not sure about the basic land count, I could cut some of the non-basics for extra searchables but I'm not sure if I need to or not.
If you've read this far, thank you very much and I hope you might be able to offer some suggestions.
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2021.12.06 12:41 JTan1017 Miyoung is just one of a kind bro :]

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2021.12.06 12:41 dean8707 HELP. Can’t access Manage Storage in whatsapp. Stuck at “calculating”

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2021.12.06 12:41 PracticeAnxious926

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2021.12.06 12:41 Annual_Dot1893 All goveed out

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2021.12.06 12:41 Yahboylex How would you use Fuinjutsu with Kenjutsu and not make it op?

Don’t need a totsuka blade lite, most fights would be dull if every battle all you have to do is slash your opponent and you win
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2021.12.06 12:41 SensitiveFlower96 Hey to everyone) its me ))

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2021.12.06 12:41 Positive_Intern3907 YieldWolf Bonds!

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2021.12.06 12:41 tungds Ralf Rangnick Exclusive Interview | Manchester United

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2021.12.06 12:41 Byron57Moody DODGE CHALLENGER CHRISTMAS

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2021.12.06 12:41 Jablinski28 Reshiram adding 6182 7265 7177, plz be on

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