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2021.12.06 12:33 xcharlesxvx Home Gym

Hey. I am selling a Marcy squat rack, weights, olympic bar, EZ bar, pulley attachment, floor mats, weight tree. It is in Glendale, all assembled. Paid $1500 for everything. All in great shape. Taking offers.
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2021.12.06 12:33 binspolicy Everything else is down except platinum. Why?

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2021.12.06 12:33 z0eturner succession 2048

I made Succession 2048! Hope you all enjoy :)
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2021.12.06 12:33 OpenSeaXPoster 20 unique NFT giveaway!💥Just UPVOTE AND DROP ETH ADDRESS to grab yours! (xpost from /r/opensea)

20 unique NFT giveaway!💥Just UPVOTE AND DROP ETH ADDRESS to grab yours! (xpost from /opensea) submitted by OpenSeaXPoster to OpenSeaNFT [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 12:33 DemUnderground Wow - The Daily Mail has lots of photos and videos of last night's Kennedy Honors Ceremony

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2021.12.06 12:33 Astroxtl 556 sentry events……?????

I don’t know if this is related to the new update or if anyone has a fix but I woke up to 556 sentry events. I looked at the first 3-5 sentry events and they are like 30 sec long and the lights are flashing.
I got to work today and rebooted the computer and turned off sentry mode because I didn’t want to get off work with low battery just in case that didn’t work
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2021.12.06 12:33 CatNoirsRubberSuit Plucking hairs growing out of pimples to pop them

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2021.12.06 12:33 Virago02 Xbox controller no input with bluetooth

My xbox one controller does not want to work with bluetooth but works when I plug it in with usb. I tried reinstalling the drivers via device manager as well as updating my windows. I also already updated the firmware of my controller.

Weird thing is that it works with steam big picture with the bluetooth in no games. In my game controller settings on windows the controller with bluetooth is "6 axis 16 button gamepad with hat switch". With usb it is "controller (Xbox One For Windows)". Also with in device and printers there is 2 xbox wireless controllers that is picked up.

Please can somebody help me!!!!
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2021.12.06 12:33 weed4future 🚨 Listing Update 🚨 $RYOSHI will be available on CoinTiger Deposit: 6:00AM, DEC.7th, 2021 (UTC) Trading: 10:00AM, DEC.7th, 2021 (UTC) Withdraw: 10:00AM, DEC.7th, 2021 (UTC) Trading Pairs: RYOSHI/USDT For the people, by the people.

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2021.12.06 12:33 OpenSeaXPoster FREE NFT GIVEWAY🍑 EVERYONE GETS ONE!🚨UPVOTE AND SEE MY COMMENT 👇 (xpost from /r/opensea)

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2021.12.06 12:33 TheSidewalkRunner How small can a map be?

I wanted to do my own server, but not have the map be huge since it would be just me playing on it. What’s the smallest size a map can be? Is there a minimum?
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2021.12.06 12:33 -Cyperian Why does No Way Home have so many leaks. More than Endgame which up until this point is the biggest MCU movie.

Could it be because Sony is also working on the movie?
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2021.12.06 12:33 EstablishmentSouth84 Merry Christmas

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2021.12.06 12:33 YoshiVaderWorks Tray 106 complete.

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2021.12.06 12:33 OpenSeaXPoster 🔥 Giving away 10 Rare v1 FUNKOBITS NFTs (No Airdrops) 🔥 How to enter? Simple! ✅ UPVOTE & Say "Hello" in our Discord 💎Public MINT December 04 💎 👉 discord.gg/UFaSmZMV (xpost from /r/opensea)

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2021.12.06 12:33 wahtsun Simple Question -What does OwO mean for speedrunning?

As title mentions, what does OwO mean in speedrunning? Was watching a youtuber and it mentioned a Rail OwO, and I have no idea what that means or stands for...help?
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2021.12.06 12:33 DoctorKall Ruin has come to handsome Squidward

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2021.12.06 12:33 Bobbycorona DraftKings under $30 is a steal. To the moon!!! 🚀

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2021.12.06 12:33 butterjack MEOW_IRL . #CatsOfTwitter #aww

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2021.12.06 12:33 afgcsrh FWB has had (maybe?) questionable behavior but I consider him too much of a friend to cut him off

So I (21F) met this guy (21M) at a frat party and we started hooking up and talking. He asked me to his formal eventually and I went. This guy (We’ll call him Jim) is an uber christian and was saving himself so he was a virgin when we met but he insisted on being ready and not valuing it anymore. The thing is, he kind of begged me and pressured me (maybe without realizing) to take his virginity and I wasn’t really ready for sex with him so soon. But at the same time I gave in. We hooked up from April to December and throughout this time he’s done the following:
• sent screenshots of our private conversation to his frat group chat • during a period of time where we weren’t hooking up, I was doing hw at his apartment with his roommate who is in my class and Jim, being informed by his roomie that I was gonna be there, brought over this new girl he was sleeping with. I thought we were friends but he didn’t l acknowledged everyone else in the room but me and then went into his room with her and locked the door. I later found out that they weren’t having sex and she was simply taking a nap with him but it rubbed his friends the wrong way that Jim was trying to make it look like they were having sex. When I confronted him later, he said “I didn’t know you were gonna be there”. He did a few more obnoxious things with her while I was trying to focus on my work. • He told me about this girl from his job (Tara) at a restaurant who he said he has a crush on. I left for home over the summer and he spent two days with her and slept with her once. He told me that she’s better than sex because she doesn’t have a gag reflex like I do. He told his friends behind my back “Id NEVER date (me), but Tara is another story” • When I confront him about things, he is very woe is me and somehow I end up consoling him • He told me that he wants to make Tara dinner when she gets back (she’s a townie that goes to another university) and how if she asked to date him tomorrow, he would say yes (while we were hooking up). • Gets possessive with me but fucked three other girls in a matter of weeks unbeknownst to me until way after the fact (after we had unprotected sex because he refuses to wear a condom)
Now I don’t know if all of this is just my dramatized version of things and that I’m blowing it out of proportion. In the months I’ve known him, I began to care for him and while it seems like all of this could be calculated, he was a very sheltered child and claims to not know any better which is honestly plausible. We have fun and laugh when we spend time together and I’ve become super close to all his friends and don’t want to lose them because of cutting him out. I don’t think he’s a bad person, just inexperienced and we have good moments too.
TLDR: I feel a friendship obligation to my fwb and I don’t know if I should.
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2021.12.06 12:33 Socialfilterdvit This one has been around but Its that time of year again so...

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2021.12.06 12:33 Spond315 Perma ban to a sub noone cares about. Also credit to my boi solpexi

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2021.12.06 12:33 JorKur Here's Saimaa seal

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2021.12.06 12:33 Sui69 Does anyone know how to use Integrated REST?

I really like Integrated Dynamics and I would like to know how to use Integrated REST, but so far I didn't find any tutorials or wiki that explain how to set it up
If someone could explain or give an example or link a tutorial it will be greatly appreciated
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2021.12.06 12:33 LoraRum Has the game become unplayable for non paying users?

I took a 6 week break, due to personal issues. The posts here have made me hesitant about rejoining. Are the requirements really that crazy now? Is it worth trying to plat without making purchases?
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